Penguin Secret Agency (PSA) Agent

Becoming an agent of the Penguin Secret Agency, or a PSA agent, is different to being an EPF agent and comes with many more benefits, including an entire new room and catalog!

In order to become a PSA agent, you need to follow a few easy steps which I will demonstrate to you! Firstly, you need click the “M” badge in the top right hand corner of your screen.

This will bring up the Club Penguin Rewritten rules. Instead of just closing it, click the chat bubble on the left of the “Chat Nicely” section.

A secret agent will appear, informing you that they need help to make Club Penguin be the best it can be! To continue, click Your Mission in the blue box. A few other pieces of information such as your rewards will appear, click the blue box on all of those.

When asked if you are ready to become a Secret Agent, select Yes. The agent quiz will now begin! For each question, select the answer listed in order to pass the test!

Q: Pick one quality you think a Secret Agent should have
A: Honest

Q: Pick the correct reason to report a penguin to a moderator
A: Being mean or rude 

Q: What would you do if you saw a penguin breaking the rules?
A: Report them

Q: Which type of personal information should be reported?
A: Saying their address

Q: Pick one reason why you want to be a Secret Agent
A: I want to keep Club Penguin safe

Q: Pick another reason why you want to be a Secret Agent
A: I want to help other penguins

Upon completing this, you will receive a spy phone! Click “Yes” to become a PSA agent. Upon doing so, you will receive a postcard welcoming you to the PSA!

To get to the PSA HQ, click on your penguin, click the phone in the bottom right hand corner and then click “Teleport”. This will take you to a room filled with computer screens!

From here, you will be able to complete PSA missions. You will also be able to unlock the “F.I.S.H” handbook, which contains some information and even some items!

These are the “Super Spy Gear” inside the catalog. Along with these items, there’s also a fourth hidden item. If you click the penguin’s glasses, you will unlock the “Night-Vision Goggles” which can be purchased for 1000 coins!

Now you are a Penguin Secret Agent! Make sure you read the handbook for extra information, and then you will be able to complete the missions to earn some special rewards, such as stamps!

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