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Our Cadence aims to help you meet our local DJ on Club Penguin Rewritten so that you can receive a hard-difficulty and obtain her exclusive background!

Chance of visiting this month: Confirmed
Cadence is confirmed to visit for the Music Jam

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Visits since 2018 began: 19
Visits tracked by the tracker since 2018 began: 18
Accuracy rate: 95%

Tips for meeting Cadence:

  • Cadence can usually be found at music-related events and often for celebrations as she visited the 1 Million Players Celebration and the 1st Anniversary Party
  • She usually spends most of the time at the Night Club, Town, Dance Lounge or at the Rooftop if it is there for the party
  • Usually, she will appear on a quiet/empty server such as Ascent

Visits since the start of 2018:

  1. February 12th 2018 – Ascent (tracked visit)
  2. March 4th 2018 – Beanie (tracked visit)
  3. June 27th 2018 – Zipline (tracked visit)
  4. July 1st 2018 – Zipline (tracked visit)
  5. July 3rd 2018 – Sleet
  6. January 6th 2019 – Sleet (tracked visit)
  7. January 7th 2019 – Sleet (tracked visit)
  8. January 7th 2019 – Sleet (tracked visit)
  9. January 11th 2019 – Marshmallow (tracked visit)
  10. January 12th 2019 – Blizzard (tracked visit)
  11. May 26th 2019 – Marshmallow (tracked visit)
  12. May 26th 2019 – Zipline (tracked visit)
  13. May 28th 2019 – Zipline (tracked visit)
  14. May 29th 2019 – Blizzard (tracked visit)
  15. May 30th 2019 – Marshmallow (tracked visit)
  16. June 1st 2019 – Blizzard/Zipline (tracked visit)
  17. June 4th 2019 – Deep Freeze (tracked visit)
  18. June 5th 2019 – Deep Freeze/Abominable (tracked visit)
  19. October 24th 2019 – Marshmallow (tracked visit)


Cadence’s Autograph is her first background which was only available during the 2000 Players Celebration & the 1st Anniversary Party. It could be obtained at the Waddle on Party without meeting Cadence by clicking a bot of her at the Night Club. It could later be obtained by meeting Cadence at the Music Jam 2018 and Dance-a-Thon in 2019.

Cadence’s Background is her second background, and personally one of my favourite mascot backgrounds. It was obtainable during the Music Jam in 2017 along with the 1 Million Players Celebration and Waddle on Party 2018. Due to a bug, some players got it at the 1st Anniversary Party too.

Cadence’s New Giveaway is her third background. It isn’t custom, and first appeared on classic Club Penguin 2012, though the team did add Cadence’s signature to it. However, it could be obtained on Club Penguin Rewritten by meeting her during the 2019 Music Jam, or the 14th Anniversary Party in October 2019.

Here’s how the backgrounds look like on a playercard.

Good luck finding Cadence, and remember to keep checking back here for an increased chance in doing so!

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