Jet Pack Guy Tracker

Our Jet Pack Guy Tracker aims to help you meet the elusive EPF agent on Club Penguin Rewritten so that you can receive an extreme difficulty stamp and obtain his exclusive background!

Chance of visiting this month: Possible
The EPF is becoming increasingly active again, so JPG could visit soon

Please refresh to update the tracker with Jet Pack Guy’s location


Visits since the start of 2018: 2
Visits tracked by tracker since the start of 2018: 2
Accuracy rate: 100%

Tips for meeting Jet Pack Guy:

  • Jet Pack Guy usually visits for flight-related events (such as the Festival of Flight) and sometimes EPF events, such as Operation Blackout
  • He visits a variety of servers, both popular and unpopular
  • Despite being associated with flight, he spends time in multiple rooms and not a significant amount of time on the Lighthouse

Servers which Jet Pack Guy has visited since becoming a mascot


Jet Pack Guy’s Flight Giveaway 
is the background which he gave out during the Festival of Flight in August 2017. He only visited three times for this party, meaning that few people have managed to obtain it!

Jet Pack Guy’s Blackout Giveaway is the second background which he gave away. This could be obtained by meeting him during Operation Blackout in 2017 or the Waddle on Party in 2018. It’s an extremely cool background, which is quite hard to obtain.

This is how the two backgrounds look like on your playercard.

Good luck in finding Jet Pack Guy (JPG) and remember to keep checking back this tracker to increase your chances of doing so!

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