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Our DJ Maxx Tracker aims to help you meet this exclusive on Club Penguin Rewritten to obtain an extreme-difficulty stamp and a rare background!

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DJ Maxx Tracker




How does it work?

This tracker informs you about where DJ Maxx is on Club Penguin Rewritten! From a technical perspective, each time it is loaded, it makes an API call to a spreadsheet that is updated by several people.

Are there browser notifications?

Whenever DJ Maxx is detected and you have this tracker open, an icon will appear in the tab of your browser. You still need to refresh the tracker for this to appear, but the auto-refresh feature should help with that.

Example of the tracker dot

Please click here to refresh and update the tracker!

Enable to automatically refresh the page every two minutes

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Visits since 2018 began: 29
Visits missed by tracker since the start of 2020: 0

Tips on meeting DJ Maxx:

  • DJ Maxx usually prefers to log onto less popular servers, such as Abominable or Zipline
  • He doesn’t have to be visiting due to a music-related party; he attended the Halloween Party
  • He spends a lot of time at the Night Club, the Dance Lounge and the Lighthouse, however he’ll often visit plenty of other rooms
Visits since 2018 began:

Note: information below could be outdated by a few hours – the “Last visited” date on the actual tracker is more reliable. The * symbol denotes the visit was a scheduled meet-up with details published in advance by the Club Penguin Rewritten team.

  1. March 4th 2018 – Beanie (tracked visit)
  2. March 4th 2018 – Zipline (tracked visit)
  3. June 29th 2018 – Beanie
  4. July 3rd 2018 – Marshmallow (tracked visit)
  5. January 20th 2019 – Blizzard
  6. January 21st 2019 – Sleet (tracked visit)
  7. January 22nd 2019 – Blizzard (tracked visit)
  8. June 2nd 2019 – Blizzard/Sleet (tracked visit)
  9. June 3rd 2019 – Sleet (tracked visit)
  10. June 4th 2019 – Zipline/Abominable (tracked visit)
  11. June 5th 2019 – Abominable/Deep Freeze (tracked visit)
  12. June 6th 2019 – Marshmallow (tracked visit)
  13. November 3rd 2020 – Beanie/Mammoth (tracked visit)
  14. November 4th 2020 – Crystal (tracked visit)
  15. November 4th 2020 – Mammoth/Abominable (tracked visit)
  16. November 5th 2020 – Ascent (tracked visit)
  17. November 5th 2020 – Toboggan (tracked visit)
  18. November 7th 2020 – Mammoth (tracked visit)
  19. November 9th 2020 – Sleet (tracked visit)
  20. November 10th 2020 – Sleet/Toboggan (tracked visit)
  21. May 28th 2021 – Abominable (tracked visit)
  22. May 29th 2021 – Crystal (tracked visit)
  23. May 30th 2021 – Zipline (tracked visit)
  24. May 31st 2021 – Crystal (tracked visit)
  25. June 2nd 2021 – Ascent (tracked visit)
  26. June 4th 2021 – Zipline (tracked visit)
  27. June 4th 2021 – Blizzard (tracked visit)
  28. June 5th 2021 – Zipline (tracked visit)
  29. June 10th 2021 – Zipline (tracked visit)


DJ Maxx is unusual in the sense that his first giveaway wasn’t actually a background, it was the Tombstone Pin.  He visited in March, where the pin could be collected, worn and added to your stampbook. Only 438 penguins have this pin.

DJ Maxx’s first background is super cool, as its animated and exclusive to Club Penguin Rewritten! This background could be obtained when he visited the Music Jam in 2017 & 2018 and the Waddle on Party in 2018. It could also be obtained by clicking him at the Dock for the Music Jam in 2020, where it was not necessary to properly meet him.

DJ Maxx’s Halloween Giveaway is also animated and could be obtained during the Halloween Party 2017, where he visited three times throughout the event and was dressed in a ghost costume. It was also given at the Waddle on Party in 2018, where he also sent out postcards.

DJ Maxx’s Fiesta Giveaway is also custom and can be obtained by meeting him during the Winter Fiesta in 2019.

DJ Maxx’s Stage Giveaway is also custom and could be obtained by meeting him during the Music Jam in 2019. It was also obtainable by visiting the Dock during the New Year’s Celebration in 2019 (marking the start of 2020), where it wasn’t necessary to meet him.

DJ Maxx’s Haunted Giveaway is also custom and was obtainable when he visited for the Halloween Party in 2020.

DJ Maxx’s Celebration Giveaway was available during the Graduation Event in May 2021. It effectively is the same design as the Halloween Giveaway, except for the pose, which is the same as the one in the Stage Giveaway.

Here’s how the backgrounds look like on your playercard.

Good luck meeting DJ Maxx and remember to keep checking this tracker for the best chance of doing so!

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