DJ Maxx Tracker

Our DJ Maxx Tracker aims to help you meet this exclusive on Club Penguin Rewritten to obtain an extreme-difficulty stamp and a rare background!

Chance of visiting this month: Unlikely
There is no known reason for DJ Maxx to visit this month, but he still could


Visits in 2018: 4
Visits recorded by tracker in 2018: 3
Accuracy rate: 75%

Tips on meeting DJ Maxx:

  • DJ Maxx usually prefers to log onto less popular servers, such as Abominable or Zipline
  • He doesn’t have to be visiting due to a music-related party; he attended the Halloween Party
  • He spends a lot of time at the Night Club, the Dance Lounge and the Lighthouse, however he’ll often visit plenty of other rooms

Chart to show servers which DJ Maxx has visited since the Music Jam 2017

Visits since 2018 began:

  1. March 4th 2018 – Beanie (tracked visit)
  2. March 4th 2018 – Zipline (tracked visit)
  3. June 29th 2018 – Beanie
  4. July 3rd 2018 – Marshmallow (tracked visit)


DJ Maxx is unusual in the sense that his first giveaway wasn’t actually a background, it was the Tombstone Pin.  He visited in March, where the pin could be collected, worn and added to your stampbook. Only 438 penguins have this pin.

DJ Maxx’s first background is super cool, as its animated and exclusive to Club Penguin Rewritten! This background could be obtained when he visited the Music Jam in 2017 & 2018 and the Waddle on Party in 2018.


DJ Maxx’s Halloween Giveaway is also animated and could be obtained during the Halloween Party 2017, where he visited three times throughout the event and was dressed in a ghost costume. It was also given at the Waddle on Party in 2018.

Here’s how the backgrounds look like on your playercard.

Good luck meeting DJ Maxx and remember to keep checking this tracker for the best chance of doing so!


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