Mascot Trackers

We have trackers for every Club Penguin Rewritten mascot, from PH to Dot, to ensure that you are always able to meet each mascot to get their stamp and background!

CPR mascot visits since tracker was created: 245
Visits missed whilst tracker was active: 15

Along with this, we have information on previous backgrounds and visits, such as a chart to show the most common servers which a mascot visits. These tips aim to aid you in meeting a mascot and be more helpful than any other tracker! We also rate how likely a mascot is to appear this month (December) and you can read more about this below.

Very Unlikely to Unlikely to Possible to Likely to Confirmed (or Visited)

Aunt Arctic Tracker

Cadence Tracker

DJ Maxx Tracker

Dot Tracker

Franky Tracker

G Billy Tracker

Gary Tracker

Herbert Tracker

Jet Pack Guy Tracker

Petey K Tracker 

Puffle Handler (PH) Tracker

Rockhopper Tracker (Visited/ing this month)

Rookie Tracker

Rory Tracker (Visited/ing this month)

Sensei Tracker (Likely to visit this month)

Stompin’ Bob Tracker

Q: How do you deem a mascot’s likeliness to visit?
A: Very Unlikely” – there is reason to believe a mascot will not visit; “Unlikely” – there is no reason to suggest that a mascot will visit; “Possible” – based on the mascot’s previous visiting patterns, they could visit but nothing has been stated by the team; “Likely” – there is significant reason to believe a mascot will visit; “Confirmed” – it has been confirmed by the team the mascot will visit and “Visited” – mascot has already visited this month.