Mascot Trackers

We have trackers for every Club Penguin Rewritten mascot, from PH to Dot, to ensure that you are always able to meet each mascot to get their stamp and background!

List of trackers:

Note: there will be a range of mascots visiting for when the game surpasses 10 million registered users, and it is difficult to predict which, but it will include mascots who have been anticipated for a long time. 

Visited this month but unlikely to return:

Likely to visit this month:

Possibly visiting this month:
DJ Maxx

Note: a range of mascots could visit to celebrate the sixteenth anniversary of Club Penguin this month.

This is based on mascot visits for October 2021 or the parties planned for that month. If an event is delayed, that mascot could visit in the following month. Details for each mascot can be found on individual trackers.

Recent news on future mascot visits


Trackers are able to ensure you find mascots 24/7 by displaying their location.

Previous Visits

All visits of the mascot are recorded, along with the servers which they’ve visited.


Check out all the backgrounds which a mascot has offered, and when they’ve been available!