Rockhopper Tracker

Our Rockhopper Tracker aims to help you meet our local pirate on Club Penguin Rewritten so that you can receive a medium-difficulty and obtain his exclusive background!

Chance of visiting this month: Confirmed
Rockhopper is confirmed to visit this month

The Sensei and Rockhopper tracker have been temporarily merged, since they are both visiting the island. You can track both of them at once here.

Please refresh for updates

Visits in 2018: 19
Visits tracked by tracker in 2018: 18
Accuracy rate: 95%

Tips for meeting Rockhopper:

  • Rockhopper usually docks on the island every three to four months.
  • When his ship, the Migrator, can be found at the Beach, Rockhopper will be visiting the island.
  • You can also see his ship from the telescope at the Beacon to know when he’s approaching.
  • As he is a medium-stamped mascot, it is not unusual to see him on popular servers such as Blizzard. However, he also sometimes goes on less populated servers

Servers which Rockhopper has visited since September 2017 to the start of The Fair 

Visits since start of 2018:

  1. March 3rd 2018 – Beanie (tracked visit)
  2. March 4th 2018 – Beanie (tracked visit)
  3. March 4th 2018 – Deep Freeze (tracked visit)
  4. May 3rd 2018 – Beanie (tracked visit)
  5. May 3rd 2018 – Blizzard (tracked visit)
  6. May 6th 2018 – Blizzard (tracked visit)
  7. May 6th 2018 – Sleet (tracked visit)
  8. May 8th 2018 – Blizzard (tracked visit)
  9. May 8th 2018 – Blizzard
  10. July 29th 2018 – Beanie (tracked visit)
  11. July 31st 2018 – Sleet (tracked visit)
  12. August 4th 2018 – Marshmallow (tracked visit)
  13. August 4th 2018 – Sleet (tracked visit)
  14. August 7th 2018 – Zipline (tracked visit)
  15. August 8th 2018 – Ascent (tracked visit)
  16. September 29th 2018 – Sleet (tracked visit)
  17. October 1st 2018 – Zipline (tracked visit)
  18. October 2nd 2018 – Marshmallow (tracked visit)
  19. October 4th 2018 – Marshmallow (tracked visit)


Rockhopper’s Background was the giveaway which could be obtained by meeting Rockhopper at the:

  • Beta Test Party
  • Puffle Party 2017
  • Colour Vote 2017
  • Just before the Fall Fair 2017 & March/June 2017

Rockhopper’s Christmas Giveaway was the background which could be obtained by meeting Rockhopper at the:

    • Christmas Party 2017.

He only logged on twice for this party, both on the 21st December, making this background rare as very few people were able to obtain it.

Rockhopper’s third background was available by meeting him during the Waddle on Party in March 2018, for which he visited multiple times for. It was also available when he visited in May 2018. This background was not custom and was available on classic Club Penguin too, but it does look very cool! It is common for people to have this background.

Rockhopper’s fourth background, which is custom, was available by meeting him during the Island Adventure Party: Rockhopper’s Quest event. It features an island in the background, which was likely one that could have been sailed to in Rockhopper’s Quest.

Rockhopper’s fifth background was available by meeting him during the Fair in September 2018.

It is also a custom background.

These are how the backgrounds look like on your playercard.

Good luck in meeting Rockhopper soon!

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