Shellbeard Tracker

Our Shellbeard Tracker aims to help you meet the local pirate turtle on Club Penguin Rewritten so that you can receive a stamp and obtain his exclusive background!

Chance of visiting this month: N/A
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Shellbeard Tracker




How does it work?

This tracker informs you about where Shellbeard is on Club Penguin Rewritten! From a technical perspective, each time it is loaded, it makes an API call to a spreadsheet that is updated by several people.

Are there browser notifications?

Whenever Shellbeard is detected and you have this tracker open, an icon will appear in the tab of your browser. You still need to refresh the tracker for this to appear, but the auto-refresh feature should help with that.

Example of the tracker dot

Please click here to refresh and update the tracker!

Enable to automatically refresh the page every two minutes

Please refresh to update the tracker with Shellbeard location


Total number of visits: 9
Total number of visits missed by the tracker while active:

Tips for meeting Shellbeard:

  • Given that he hasn’t made many appearances yet, it’s very difficult to predict his movements!
  • However, he is heavily associated with pirates and could visit for those sorts of events.
List of visits

Note: information below could be outdated by a few hours – the “Last visited” date on the actual tracker is always more reliable.

* = denotes that the visit was a scheduled meet-up with details published in advance by the team

  1. January 25th 2022 – Zipline (error with tracker; has been fixed now – apologies for inconvenience!)
  2. January 27th 2022 – Sleet (tracked visit)*
  3. January 28th 2022 – Abominable (tracked visit)*
  4. January 28th 2022 – Ascent (tracked visit)*
  5. January 29th 2022 – Ascent (tracked visit)*
  6. January 30th 2022 – Zipline (tracked visit)*
  7. January 30th 2022 – Zipline (tracked visit)*
  8. January 31st 2022 – Sleet (tracked visit)*
  9. February 2nd 2022 – Abominable (tracked visit)*


Shellbeard’s first giveaway will be available at the Pirate Party 2022. It features him on his ship, The Black Shell, alongside a pirate crab and a glorious sunrise.

Here is the background when used on a playercard.

Good luck meeting Shellbeard soon!