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Our Aunt Arctic Tracker aims to help you meet the writer on Club Penguin Rewritten so that you can receive an extreme-difficulty stamp and obtain her exclusive background!

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Aunt Arctic Tracker




How does it work?

This tracker informs you about where Aunt Arctic is on Club Penguin Rewritten! From a technical perspective, each time it is loaded, it makes an API call to a spreadsheet that is updated by several people.

Are there browser notifications?

Whenever Aunt Arctic is detected and you have this tracker open, an icon will appear in the tab of your browser. You still need to refresh the tracker for this to appear, but the auto-refresh feature should help with that.

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Visits since 2018 began: 55
Visits recorded by tracker since 2018 began: 54
Accuracy rate: 98%

Tips for meeting Aunt Arctic:

  • Aunt Arctic doesn’t have to appear specifically because there is a party going on which is associated to her
  • She is well known for logging into milestone events, such as when Club Penguin Rewritten hit a million users
  • As well as this, she also attends other celebrations. She came online for the 24th of October, which is classic Club Penguin’s birthday
  • Along with this, she has also sometimes just randomly logged on, meaning you should always keep your eyes peeled!
  • When online, she spends a lot of time in the Book Room and Coffee Shop
Visits since 2018 began:

Note: information below could be outdated by a few hours – the “Last visited” date on the actual tracker is more reliable. The * symbol denotes the visit was a scheduled meet-up with details published in advance by the Club Penguin Rewritten team.

  1. February 20th 2018 – Blizzard
  2. February 20th 2018 – Deep Freeze (tracked visit)
  3. March 2nd 2018 – Sleet (tracked visit)
  4. March 3rd 2018 – Marshmallow (tracked visit)
  5. March 4th 2018 – Sleet (tracked visit)
  6. March 4th 2018 – Ascent (tracked visit)
  7. March 4th 2018 – Abominable (tracked visit)
  8. February 9th 2019 – Sleet (tracked visit)
  9. February 10th 2019 – Zipline (tracked visit)
  10. February 11th 2019 – Sleet (tracked visit)
  11. February 11th 2019 – Zipline (tracked visit)
  12. February 12th 2019 – Zipline (tracked visit)
  13. February 12th 2019 – Zipline (tracked visit)
  14. October 23rd 2019 – Sleet/Deep Freeze (tracked visit)
  15. October 24th 2019 – Zipline/Deep Freeze (tracked visit)
  16. December 23rd 2019 – Zipline (tracked visit)
  17. December 25th 2019 – Blizzard/Beanie (tracked visit)
  18. December 29th 2019 – Ascent/Beanie (tracked visit)
  19. December 30th 2019 – Zipline (tracked visit)
  20. February 10th 2020 – Marshmallow (tracked visit)
  21. February 11th 2020 – Marshmallow (tracked visit)
  22. February 11th 2020 – Sleet (tracked visit)
  23. February 12th 2020 – Beanie (tracked visit)
  24. April 25th 2020 – Zipline/Permafrost (tracked visit)
  25. April 26th 2020 – Crystal (tracked visit)
  26. April 26th 2020 – Zipline (tracked visit)
  27. April 28th 2020 – Blizzard (tracked visit)
  28. April 29th 2020 – Blizzard (tracked visit)
  29. April 30th 2020 – Sleet/Beanie (tracked visit)
  30. May 3rd 2020 – Marshmallow (tracked visit)
  31. May 4th 2020 – Marshmallow (tracked visit)
  32. May 7th 2020 – Marshmallow (tracked visit)
  33. May 8th 2020 – Blizzard (tracked visit)
  34. October 24th 2020 – Zipline (tracked visit)
  35. October 24th 2020 – Mammoth (tracked visit)
  36. October 24th 2020 – Permafrost/Abominable (tracked visit)
  37. October 24th 2020 – Mammoth (tracked visit)
  38. October 25th 2020 – Toboggan/Sleet (tracked visit)
  39. February 13th 2021 – Zipline (tracked visit)
  40. February 13th 2021 – Crystal (tracked visit)
  41. February 14th 2021 – Abominable (tracked visit)
  42. February 14th 2021 – Ascent (tracked visit)
  43. April 5th 2021 – Zipline (tracked visit)
  44. April 5th 2021 – Abominable (tracked visit)
  45. April 6th 2021 – Zipline (tracked visit)
  46. April 7th 2021 – Crystal (tracked visit)*
  47. April 7th 2021 – Zipline (tracked visit)
  48. April 8th 2021 – Abominable (tracked visit)*
  49. April 8th 2021 – Blizzard (tracked visit)
  50. April 8th 2021 – Ascent (tracked visit)*
  51. August 27th 2021 – Ascent (tracked visit)
  52. September 2nd 2021 – Blizzard (tracked visit)
  53. February 12th 2022 – Marshmallow (tracked visit)
  54. February 18th 2022 – Crystal (tracked visit)
  55. February 18th 2022 – Crystal/Ascent (tracked visit)


Aunt Arctic visited with this background for the Beta Test Party, the 1000/2000/1,000,000 Players Celebration, the 12th Anniversary of Club Penguin, the Cove Anniversary, the Fair, a random visit just before the Water Party in 2017, and the 15th Anniversary of Club Penguin.

She also had a special Penguin Play Awards themed background when she visited for that event in February 2018 and April 2020. It was also given at the Waddle on Party in March 2018 and the 5th Anniversary Party in February 2022.

Aunt Arctic’s third background was first available at the 2nd Anniversary Party, which took place in February 2019. It was then also available also for the 14th Anniversary Party (to celebrate classic Club Penguin turning 14) in October 2019, as well as Club Penguin Rewritten 3rd’s Anniversary in February 2020 and the celebration for 10m penguins in August 2021. It’s also one from classic Club Penguin!

Aunt Arctic’s fourth background, her Holiday Giveaway, is custom and so far has only been available at the Holiday Party in 2019.

Aunt Arctic’s Happy Anniversary Giveaway is her fifth background, and has so far only been available by meeting her at the 4th Anniversary Party in February 2021.

Aunt Arctic’s Yellow Bunny Giveaway, her sixth background, was available by meeting her during the Easter Egg Hunt that occurred in April 2021.

This is how these backgrounds looks like on your playercard.

Good luck finding Aunt Arctic, and be sure to keep regularly checking this tracker!

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