Item Codes

Club Penguin Rewritten has several codes which can be used to obtain both items and coins. Whilst many have expired, some can still be used to earn you some free rewards! Here is how to redeem these codes.

  1. Go to the server selection menu by logging in
  2. Click “Unlock Items Online” in the top right corner
  3. Click “I have a code”
  4. Enter the codes which you read here into the box
  5. Click “Done” and you will have your items!

List of permanently available item/coin codes:

Have you redeemed the latest temporary codes? Bear in mind that many expire quickly!


FREEHOOD2 – Green Crosshatched Hoodie


HIDDENPUFFLE  Puffle Whistle and the Elite Puffle Flare on EPF Spy Phone

Frequently Asked Questions:

How would I know if a new code has been released?

Usually, the Club Penguin Rewritten team celebrate an event with a code and then share the code on social media. Word of this quickly spreads round the island and it is likely you will found out about it in-game, but this blog and page will definitely be updated quickly when a new code is out. It is rare to miss a code unless due to inactivity!

Will these items return?

Some of these items have returned again through catalogs, but according to an administrator, “most unlocks won’t return” though “there might be an exception for a few items”.

What about other codes?

Read more here:

Make sure to redeem all of the available codes before they expire!