Please Return the Train!


Hey everyone,

December is dawning upon is quickly, and that means the return of another Holiday Party! Megg has seemed to suggest that it will be a copy and paste, meaning that it will be exact same, as the Holiday Party 2015. I’m disappointed in that for one reason…it means that the train won’t return. Club Penguin, you say that you read my website, so we have one request from you during this years Holiday Party.

Please return the train from the Holiday Party 2013!

I absolutely loved the train back then, and I’m sure I will now. It brings so many good memories and it was such a creative idea. Look at the players, even moderators, coming together and having fun for charity!

I’m sure that it wouldn’t be too hard to return it, but it would be enough to make me buy a membership for the first time in YEARS. That tells you how much I’d like to see this train return, and I’m sure many others do too. So, please Club Penguin, return the train.

Also, let’s make sure there’s a night-sky during this party…


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