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Club Penguin Island Daily Challenges – 19/12/16

Club Penguin Island have four more Daily Challenges for you to complete! Today I’m going to be showing you how to complete these challenges. It’s not too difficult and there’s no riddle today however the community challenge requires a lot of teamwork and unfortunately non-members can’t help. Let’s take a look at them!


Good Altitude:

This one is very simple! At the Welcome Circle in Beacon Boardwalk, the circle will either be beach balls, a dance floor, nothing, or a trampoline. You need to wait for when it’s a trampoline. When it is, simply just hop on it and wait a few seconds. Your penguin will automatically do 20 jumps and you will be able to claim your reward!


Arch you Gonna Try?

Head over to the Sea Caves and jump right in! Similar to the challenge we had two days ago, you’ll need to go to the entrance to the Throne Room. This can be down by swimming down but keeping on the right. Swim through those four arches.


You’ll notice that the challenge still won’t be complete. This is because there is another arch by the Race Track. Swim to the surface then dive in again. This time, don’t even go too deep underwater! Just go straight to the left. Swim through the final arch to be able to claim your reward!


Bumpy Ride:

If you are a member, head over to Beacon Boardwalk and go towards the Lighthouse. You should see a green buoy with the number “6” nearby and waddle over to that. Tap the tube icon so that you are sitting in your tube!


Now, use your trackpad to go down the steps and to the Food Trekker. Take off your tube and go back up to the buoy again. Repeat this so that you’ve visited the Food Trekker three times!


Fireworking Overtime:

The community challenge of today is to fire 1000 fireworks at the balcony at the Sea Caves. I’ve seen many players getting confused and just firing them anywhere, myself included! Firstly, you will need to go to any party supplies booth and purchase some fireworks for 10 coins each.


Then head over to the Sea Caves. On your right will be some steps up to the balcony. Climb up those! From there, you can start sending off fireworks!


You and your friends need to fire 1000 of these to achieve this reward! Personally, I think that’s a large number since the game is in geo-beta. There aren’t many players and an even smaller amount have access to membership so I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people don’t complete this yet.

That’s all for this post! Remember to check back daily for the new challenges and remember that we post lots of news! We’re also hosting a party and Megg has just announced that she might be coming. Click here to view details!

Waddle on!


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