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Club Penguin Island Daily Challenges – 20/12/16

The new Daily Challenges came out a few hours ago on Club Penguin Island! For the first time, all challenges except for the community one are members only. This isn’t a good sign as it suggests that pretty soon, members won’t even be able to do daily challenges, however I will talk about this in a future post. Let’s take a look at the challenges!


Anchor Management:

Members need to head over to the Welcome Market by the Welcome Circle to purchase a “Party Blaster Jr” for 100 coins. This can then be used by tapping the party hat at the bottom, tapping “party supplies” and then tapping the name of this item. Don’t use it just yet though!


The challenge is to use it by an anchor. This can be found near the steps towards zip line at the east of the area. Once you are close the anchor, fire thee party blasters to be able to claim your reward!


Seem Fishy:

This challenge takes place on the west of Beacon Boardwalk. Head towards the Migrator ship and stop at the fishing spot. The interact button will turn orange with a fishing rod. Tap it!wp-1482250989378.png

Your job is to catch five fish. This can be done by tapping the interact button quickly but only when it lights up orange. Once again, only tap it when it turns orange like in the picture below! Ensure you tap it quickly.


You will catch something. Repeat these steps so that you catch 5 things!


Zip it: 

There are multiple ziplines located all around the island, however you can just stay in Beacon Boardwalk. Members can waddle up to any of them then click the orange interact button. You need to go on three to complete the daily challenge.

Up to Speed:

Head to the Sea Caves and jump right in! Then swim to the Race Course which is left as soon as you jump in. You’ll need to, as a community, swim it 500 times ensuring you hit each black and white flag to be able to claim your reward:


I’d quickly like to give a huge shoutout to Reggy04! We met when doing the Daily Challenge today and he helpfully told me what challenges were restricted to members. He was really nice and gave some awesome compliments about this blog. If you see him online, make sure to say hi and add him as a friend!


The reason I am continuing to make these guides is not only to help you but also to log the game. In a few years, people might want to be able to see how the game was like. I’m offering that opportunity! Anyway, I aim to have a few more posts soon. Thanks for reading!

Waddle on!


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