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Club Penguin Island Daily Challenges – 23/12/16

A new set of four Daily Challenges are out on Club Penguin Island! In this post, I’m going to help you complete them despite the fact that they’re not too difficult. I’m still really hoping to see a riddle soon! Let’s take a look at them.


Hot Seat:

For this challenge, you need to be at the Hot Spring in Beacon Boardwalk. Jump into the small pool and sit on each side. It doesn’t need to be precise but these images show you where you need to sit.

Once you have completed this, you will be able to claim your reward of 25 coins and 20XP!


Keytar Star:

Members need to head over to the stage in Coconut Cove. There you should grab the black keytar by waddling up to it and tapping the orange interact button. Once you’ve done this, simply press on some buttons on the bottom right to be able to claim your reward!


Take the Plunge:

Members, head back to Beacon Boardwalk and go to the Water Slide. This is near the Zipline to the Migrator and it’s next to the Wishing Fountain. Use your tube and the trackpad to move yourself on the water where you will go straight into the sea at high speeds!


Take the steps back up to the waterfall and go down again. Remember to use your tube otherwise it won’t count towards your Daily Challenge! Once you’ve done it three times in total, you will be able to claim your reward.


Share the Air:

Head back to Coconut Cove again! This time, you need 4 other players to come with you. Ensure they are all jumping on the yellow and blue airbag. It’s located in the water and you can swim to it by going straight from the Stage.

There’s only me! 🙁

That’s all for today’s Daily Challenges! It’s still a real shame to see that they’re not that difficult and that there’s no riddle. I’m hoping to see one soon along with more daily challenges for non-members.

Waddle on!


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