Club Penguin Island: An Explanation to this “New Area”

Many players are thinking that I have uncovered a new area on Club Penguin Island! Today I’m going to show you what I found and how to visit there. Here’s the screenshot which I posted earlier that caused some confusion!


From this image which I took, you can see some arches, a path and a zipline on this floating place. It looks really cool! However, it is not a new area or a secret area. In fact, it’s the place uncovered by unlocking the door to the Mysterious Ruins in Coconut Cove.

This is accessed in the final quest assigned to you by Rockhopper. You need to defeat an evil penguin pirate by using the cannons and the swords. I was just lucky enough to get this perfect screenshot that displayed the place really well!

Hopefully this cleared any confusion and if you didn’t see it, now you have. Stay tuned to Club Penguin Mountains for daily walkthroughs along with news and sneak peeks!

Waddle on!



4 thoughts on “Club Penguin Island: An Explanation to this “New Area”


    You don’t defeat an evil penguin pirate: you defeat Shellbeard’s ghost. Shellbeard used to be a turtle (Rockhopper refers to Shellbeard as an “ex-turtle” in the final Adventure – and let’s face it, that ugly old pirate doesn’t look like a penguin now does he?). Otherwise, awesome screenshot! I hope in the future, this area isn’t Adventure-only and becomes accessible to penguins who’ve completed Episode 10: it would be such a cool hangout area! Keep up the awesome blogging, Torres. 😀

    • Hey Foodtrekker (great name by the way)!

      Thanks for reading! Indeed, that’s true, however I want to avoid spoiling it for others who have not got so far yet! If you say ghost, it’s easy to tell that Shellbeard is evil! But yes, you are right!

      I would love for it to be accessible for penguins who’ve completed the episode! I like the concept of new areas unlocking as you make more progress into the game.

      Thank you very much! 🙂

  2. Ohhhhhhh! I thought this was gonna be a new room :,(. In my comment yesturday that I said “…If you go southwest all you can in the cove, you see lava pools!”

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