Fishing to Earn Coins

Fishing on Club Penguin Island is a really easy way to get free coins! In fact, you can get up to 20 coins each time you throw your rod in the water. The video above demonstrates how to fish!

It’s an activity exclusive to members and you get to fish 10 times each day, though it resets back to 10 at midnight PST. You need to go to the west of the island in Beacon Boardwalk where there is a fishing rod for you to pick up. It’s located next to a wooden fishing sign. This is known as the “Fishing Spot”.

Your penguin will throw his rod into the water. When fish take the bait, it’s your job to quickly tap a button which will turn orange. If not, the fish will get away! There’s not too many details on fishing but I think it’s a great addition to the game! It’s a pity that something so simple is exclusive for members though.

This table demonstrates how many coins can be earnt per catch in fishing, courtesy of the CP Wiki.


I hope that this was useful! 🙂


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