Club Penguin Island Music – Let’s Bounce & Into Flight

Today I am writing a different article, though it’s still related to Club Penguin Island. In fact, it’s about the choice of music when the trampoline is ongoing in Beacon Boardwalk. It sounded familiar to me but now I know exactly what track it is. From the title, you can probably guess it is Let’s Bounce.

This track is famous from two places (at least the ones I remember) and those are Dance Contest and the Nintendo Wii game, “Game Day!”. Members can play this classic track on classic CP and hear it when the mini-game section loads on the Wii game.

That’s not all the Wii game music there is in the game. This soundtrack (Into Flight), from the Jackhammer minigame, might also seem familiar to you. It’s the theme of Beacon Boardwalk when there are no events.

You can hear it very faintly in this video though to hear the full version, click here.

I find it interesting how Club Penguin uses Game Day music in their new game. I also find it clever how they used “Let’s Bounce” for the trampoline.

If you thought you recognised the Club Penguin Island songs, I hope that this post helped you to identify them! Be sure to check back for more news, though, admittedly, there’s not been much recently.

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


3 thoughts on “Club Penguin Island Music – Let’s Bounce & Into Flight

  1. Hey Torres126,
    Idk if you still remember me but CP Mountains has updated a lot. Idek about this whole new Club Penguin Island thing as I quitted it.. :/

    • I REMEMBER YOU! Long time no see! How are you? How can I get into contact with you? Do you still use PL chat?

      Basically, Club Penguin Island is #ProjectSuperSecret and it is a brand new game built from scratch for mobile.

      • Ayy! I’m good,wbu? I still use the PL chat sometimes but I forgot my password for it. Idk how to reset it XD. Ohhh so Club Penguin Island is #ProjectSuperSecret!!! Thanks mann

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