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Club Penguin Island Daily Challenges – 29/04/17

There’s a brand new set of celebrations for us to complete at the Cove on Club Penguin Island and as always, here is a guide on how to do so. Sorry that this is a bit late, I overslept!

Award Show Appies:

Head over to a Party Supplies market and buy any food tray, like a Large Pizza or a Fishdog Tray. Waddle over to the cove and go into your inventory (green button at the bottom) – party supplies and take out your food tray. Then tap the orange interactive button

Eventually there will be one slice/piece left. Players can waddle over to you and eat it by tapping the orange interactive button and once the last piece has been taken, you can claim your reward.

VIP Treatment:

Now you need to do the opposite of the challenge above! If you see a green icon with food in it like below, waddle over to that penguin and tap the orange interactive button to take some food.

Now tap the orange interactive button again to eat the food! Then claim your reward!

Swag Tag:

Open “My Style” and create a new blueprint. Choose any blueprint, but my recommendation would be to use the cheapest one for this challenge. When designing, just be sure to put these decals on that you would’ve got yesterday.

Once these decals are on your item, buy it! It doesn’t matter what your item looked like. Then simply put it on.

It will take a few seconds but if you’re wearing it in the Cove, you should be able to claim your reward. I had to play an instrument on the Stage to be able to claim mine so maybe try that if it isn’t working for you!


Face the Stage at Coconut Cove and open your emoji bar. To do this, tap the chat button with lightning in it then tap the emoji button. Tap the starfish emoji five times and claim your reward!

Today’s Style Challenge:

Those are all the challenges for today and they were all brand new! Be sure to check back for the latest news and guides!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


  • Yehaw

    There’s a cool glitch someone found lol. You sit on an earth day chair and you reslult undergound! And there’s this glitch I call the mountain jump. In one of the mountains entrances (right of Welcome Hut) in the right edge everyone goes on their tubes and jumps. The one who is in top will bounce so high that will result in the other side of the entrance. Maybe I’ll email photos to you later with a temporarily email!

    • Torres 126

      Woah, the underground glitch is back? That opens up a lot more glitches!

      Yeah, the Mountain Jump glitch is a very popular one and has been since the geo-beta. When you get over it, it’s like this small path which is pretty cool! 🙂

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