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Club Penguin Island Daily Challenges – 18/05/17

There are some new Daily Challenges on Club Penguin Island and whilst I would love to show you photos of the new ones, the game somehow believes I’m trying to create a new account and keeps telling me the world is full. But the guide must still be posted!

A Squid Stick Picnic:

Head over to Picnic Hill which is next to the Wish Fountain in Beacon Boardwalk. Open quick chat by tapping the chat bar then tapping the little bubble with a lightning bolt in it.

Scroll until you find “What’s the best picnic food?”. When you do, tap it and you will be able to claim your reward!

Let Them Eat Cake: 

SheepVsGravity sure knows his French Revolution stuff

As a member, buy a food tray from a party supplies market. Then go back to Picnic Hill, open your inventory, party supplies and choose the food tray you used. Have people eat it.

Eventually there’ll be only one of your food item left. When this is taken by someone, you will be able to claim your reward.

Treasure the Room:

Dive into the Sea Caves and head to the Crab’s Den which is opposite the Throne Room entrance. It’s pretty far down and there’ll be a crab to pint you in the right direction. From there, follow the path to claim your reward!


Head to the Sea Caves and dive right in! Then tap the blue boost button at the bottom right hand corner to help contribute to this challenge. This had to be done 2000 times but I’m assuming this is a community challenge.

Sorry the guide wasn’t as helpful as usual this time! It does help a lot when you can actually play Club Penguin Island but what can you do. Thank you for reading!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

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