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Club Penguin Island Daily Challenges – 21/05/17

Good morning! There are four new Daily Challenges to complete on Club Penguin Island and as always, we have a tutorial on how to complete them. Let’s get started!

Fun Hut:

Head over to Beacon Boardwalk. Waddle over to the Welcome Market near the Welcome Circle and tap the orange interactive button to be able to claim your reward!


Pie in the Sky:

Firstly, members will need to buy a “Large Pizza”. You have to be level 5 to be able to do this and it costs 40 coins. They can be found almost anywhere. I just got mine at the Welcome Market.


Head over to the Migrator in Beacon Boardwalk. Once you’re on it, go right (east) to the mat that takes you to the Crow’s Nest. You will need at least one friend to hep you. Once you’re there, tap the green party supplies hat – party supplies – large pizza and tap the orange interact button.

Your friend will need to eat all 6 slices of the pizza for you to be able to claim your reward. This might take a while and the more friends you have, the easier it’ll be. Remember to also help eat other penguin’s pizza too!

Caught in the Middle:

Head to the Crow’s Nest of the Migrator by taking the Springboard or the Zipline up. Then gently fall so that you land on the net, like in the picture below. You shouldn’t need to jump, just use your trackpad to fall off! It may take a few tries but you will then be able to claim your reward!

Cheesy Dance Moves:

Head over to the Welcome Circle at Beacon Boardwalk. If you are a member, you can purchase pizza at the Welcome Market for just 10 coins. You need to purchase 3 of these and they can be eaten by clicking the green party hat – “Party Supplies” – “Pizza Slice” and tapping the orange interact button.


Eat three of these when the Welcome Circle is a Dance Floor to be able to claim your reward!


If you are a non-member, you will need help from a member who is at least level 5. Ask them to buy a “Pizza Box” from the Welcome Market for 40 coins. Once they’ve done this, they can share pizza with you.

Look out for a penguin with this icon above their head and waddle over to them. Tap the orange interactive button and you will take a pizza from them but remember that you need to eat three to complete this challenge!


Today’s Style Challenge:

Cosmic Conjurer
Take a magician’s clothing, add some space-age style… and VOILA!
That’s all for today’s Daily Challenges guide! Thank you very much for reading, have a great day!
Waddle on!
-Torres 126


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