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Club Penguin Island Daily Challenges – 29/05/17

Although I’ve been away for a few days, I am once again going to continue to post guides to help you complete the Daily Challenges! Let’s get straight into today’s guide for the 29th of May.

Who’s up for Camp Sup?:

For this challenge, firstly buy a food tray (eg. Large Pizza) from any party supplies market. It doesn’t matter which item! For this challenge and the next one, you need to head to the Campground. This is located in Mt. Blizzard and you need to go left (west) and climb the small hill to reach it.

Once at the Campground, take out your food tray by going to my inventory – party supplies – tapping the tray – tapping the orange interactive button. When every piece/slice of the food has been eaten by another penguin, you will be able to claim your reward!

My Share of Food:

Still being in the Mt. Blizzard campground (see instructions on how to get there in the challenge above), find a player with a green food icon above their head. Waddle over to them and tap the orange interactive button, then tap the interactive button again to eat the food and to be able to claim your reward!

Thirsty Jack’s Riddle:

Hooray, my favourite Daily Challenge has returned!

To complete this, first obtain some Hot Cocoa. You’ll need to go to this place in the image below located on the right (east) across the bridge of Mt. Blizzard, tap the orange interactive button to open up the party supplies market and purchase one Hot Cocoa.

Alternatively, ask a member to purchase a cocoa tray from any party supplies market and share it with you at the arch (see below). This is necessary for non-members.

Now dive right in to the Sea Caves! You’ll need to get to the Throne Room entrance. To do this, keep going down. It will be on your right. You should end up here.


Swim through the arches until you get to the third one which has fallen. Here, take Hot Cocoa out from your inventory or from a food tray shared by another player, drink it and claim your reward!

Swim Team Trials:

In this challenge, penguins need to swim through ten thousand arches. There are five underwater. One is in the Race Course and for are in the entrance to the Throne Room. All you need to do to contribute to this challenge is simply swim through one of these. An arch looks like this.

Today’s Style Challenge:

Penguin Formal

Choose the finest materials to make a fancy formal look

That’s all for today’s guide, I hope it helped! Thank you for reading and be sure to check back for more guides as well as the latest news.

Waddle on!
-Torres 126

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