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Club Penguin Island Daily Challenges – 04/06/17

Good morning! There are some new Daily Challenges on Club Penguin Island and as always, we have a tutorial on how to complete them. Let’s get straight into it!

Pizza Pals:

Look for a member anywhere on the island who’s level 5 or higher who’s bought and used a “Large Pizza” from any Party Supplies market. They will have a green pizza icon above their hand. Waddle over to them, tap the orange interactive button to take the pizza, tap the interactive button to eat the pizza and claim your reward!

Red Leader:

On Mt. Blizzard, head to the right of the area, towards where the mosaic is. Then waddle down to the red cheerleader stands. Sit on any one of them by waddling up to them and tapping the orange interactive button.

You’ll need to wait for someone to complete the red Tube Race whilst you’re sitting at the stand, but if you’re on a popular world, this should happen pretty quickly and you will be able to claim your reward!

Swiss Cheese:

Head  to the Migrator in Beacon Boardwalk and waddle over to the swords next to the entrance. From there, tap the orange interactive button.

Use the buttons on the bottom right to stab the Stinky Cheese which is on the right of Rockhopper. Once you do this 10 times, you will be able to claim your reward!

Walk The Clothesline:

Head to the Migrator and take the springboard on the far right up. Then fall onto the net below so that your penguins is here.

You now need to predict your fall so that you jump onto the clothesline beneath this. Doing this took me a couple of attempts but you will eventually be able to fall onto it if you carefully move your trackpad.

Once you’ve fallen on it, slowly move your trackpad so you go across the clothes line.

That’s all for today’s Daily Challenges guide! From tomorrow, they will be posted a couple of hours later because of school. Thank you for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126


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