Club Penguin Island

CP Island: We are the Penguins Music Video

The first official Club Penguin Island music video has been released, and it’s received a bit of controversy due to the renders. Here’s the full video which was posted!

Truthfully, Club Penguin music videos and their animations were far better, but I completely understand how having a smaller team and budget can influence the quality of these videos.

It does appear that Cadence Adventures could potentially be coming soon and I think her redesign in-game will look pretty cool! This was an emoji of her which does suggest adventures regarding here might be coming soon! Is this the purple mascot which is missing on the level-up button?

Wow, that’s been a lot of catching up to do on Club Penguin Island posts! It’s nice to be able to need to get new information and other cool things posted regarding CP Island. Thank you very much for reading!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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