Club Penguin Island

Immediate End of Club Penguin Island Blogging

It is with regret that I have decided to end all posts regarding Club Penguin Island, effective immediately with this change likely being permanent. As a result, this blog will focus exclusively on Club Penguin Rewritten content, and possibly content of Pengur, another private server, when it releases.

I’ve made plenty of lengthy posts both criticising and praising the game, but unfortunately, it just isn’t fun for me anymore. Whilst I don’t wish to use my final post as a way of speaking negatively about the game, I feel like it would be wrong for me not to explain my reasoning.

Ultimately, it all comes down to lack of content. I feel like I’ve done absolutely everything: reached the highest level, done all the adventures, made an outfit and an igloo, explored the island, spent time with others. As a result, the game has become less enjoyable and far less fun to blog about, it’s become far less popular from what I’ve seen and also far less safe.

This decision has taken me a while to make and I have listened to feedback surrounding this. It would feel wrong to continue my streak of exclusively posting CP Rewritten content. so I decided to make this announcement before making several new changes, which will be explained soon in this post!

Ultimately, not only are Club Penguin Rewritten posts far more enjoyable to make, they are also a lot more popular. CPI just isn’t designed for blogging; there’s very little news and guides are unnecessary due to there being no challenge at all. In the last 90 days, the only CPI post to be in the top twenty posts is a guide to cancelling your membership, which is extremely concerning.

Whilst I will also no longer be playing the game as regularly, I would like to thank the CPI team for granting me several months of fun and allowing me to form this blog. I may not be supporting them through memberships or blogging anymore, however I still wish them the best of luck with their game.

Not an actual tracker, just a sample image*

As for the future of this blog, I have lots of exciting new content coming this month! These include the most detailed mascot trackers, several new guides, a new sidebar and more! Already you will be able to see a temporary new blog header in celebration of the Great Snow Maze coming at the end of this month!

Club Penguin Island pages will remain until all this content is released. At that point, they will all be placed into a single page and no longer updated, so some guides will always be accessible. However, for now, this blog’s focus is Club Penguin Rewritten. Whilst I’m aware this will upset or annoy some of you, IΒ fully appreciate all the support which you have given me, even if that ends now. I still hope that others will continue on this journey!

Once again, I’d like to thank all everyone who has read this blog as well as the team for everything! I have had plenty of great experiences and memories, yet for now, it is time to…Waddle on!

-Torres 126


  • Perrythepal

    Finally, this post was supposed to be released in early January.

    It’s actually the opposite for me. Rewritten has gotten really boring for me after about July or August. I have gotten hundreds of stamps, I am a rare penguin(I have some of the transfer hats and the feather pin), and I’ve already played the original CP for years on and off. I find the custom content to not change much for me to keep coming back, and overall I haven’t liked the decisions the staff have made(no offense), so I’ve only been getting on to collect pins and free items. I’ll most likely quit after the anniversary party is over. It’s just not as fun as it used to be back when it was small.

    I’ll admit, CPI has a LOT of flaws(it probably has more cons than pros….), but it did something NEW with the CP formula after years of a lack of new content. I feel like CPR is stuck in the past. Even Screenhog himself supports it. It was a good idea in context, but it had a bad execution in it’s later months.

    I won’t be checking your blog anymore(I actually liked the new daily challenge format), but I wish you good luck in your future adventures.

    Waddle on.

    • Torres 126

      I’ve been considering it for a while but wanted to wait until all the CPR content was ready.

      Personally, I have found CPR way more enjoyable. I’ve spent hours playing the new Cart Surfer, as have many others, and there’s a lot more to actually blog about. CPI has done something new, yet the lack of new content is still so familiar. Parties over a month long, in which the only activity is to stand on a geyser for a few seconds? It just doesn’t appeal to me anymore, whereas I feel with CPR that the content which comes out is actually new and enjoyable.

      I understand! The Daily Challenges format did seem popular, but ultimately, the challenges really aren’t that challenging and few people relied on them. Thank you for the wishes and for reading this blog up until now. Waddle on!

  • Riccowed

    I think this was the right idea. I myself don’t play CPI and as you said, there’s not much too post about and most of us just are here for CPR. Keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  • TopazWaters

    I wish you the best of luck with your blog! I don’t play CPR, I honestly don’t think I ever will, but I like to read this blog. It’s like a doorway to Club Penguin times. I prabalby will continue reading your blog because it’s cool to see things from CP happen again.

  • nina1059

    I understand this decision and I will still read your blog.
    I just hope in a few years CPI will have content worthy enough for blogging. I mean, I dont know any blogs that were active when CP first came out.

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