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SuperCPPS: Puffle Hats Sneak Peeks

Earlier this week, I made a post about the SuperCPPS team hinting that Puffle Hats would soon be coming to the island, which you can read here. They have now even shared a sneak peek!

Puffle Hats were items which on Club Penguin, only puffles could wear! There were so many cool designs, varying from headphones to hairstyles! The two featured in the sneak peeks are the Franken Hat and the Pirate Hat. 

These look really cool, and it’s likely that they may even be coming during the Puffle Party, so they might be available within a week! I think that puffle hats are a really cool addition to the game and hopefully there’ll be a whole variety to choose from.

Thank you very much for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126

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