Introducing Animal Jam Mountains

Hello Jammers!

As part of some new changes to make this website even better, I’ve decided to start blogging about something a little different…Animal Jam!

From this point onwards, I will be blogging about Animal Jam, starting with the Spring updates. As such, this website will now be called Animal Jam Mountains, however the domain will not be updated yet.

I hope you’re excited for the new future of this blog, your #1 source for Animal Jam! Be sure to check back for more of the latest news and guides!

Jam on!

-Torres 126

Yes, this is an April Fools prank, don’t worry! For the record, I would highly recommend supporting Club Penguin over Animal Jam any day, the content is much better on Club Penguin in my opinion. However, many people do enjoy Animal Jam, so perhaps it’s for you! For now though, I’m definitely sticking with Club Penguin and my suggestion would be that you do too. 


17 thoughts on “Introducing Animal Jam Mountains

  1. I play Animal Jam loads, but I’ve never played Club Penguin. Hearing all this good feedback from you guys about Club Penguin, I feel like it’s a must try. Tell me, what is the best thing about Club Penguin? Try and sell it to me XD not that I’m reluctant to try hehe

    • That’s cool! I’ll be honest, you’ll really need to play it yourself to experience its magic. But with some amazing parties, incredible decorations, fantastic quests and above all, a magical community, kept safe by a competent moderation team, Club Penguin really is quite special.

      Right now, you can experience the Island Adventure Party: Rockhopper’s Quest over at and I think you might enjoy it! 😃

      • Cool! I think I’ll definitely give it a try – but I better not tell my Animal-Jam-Loving buddies XD It sounds great. I’m glad I came across your blog because it’s actually pretty awesome. I’ve heard a lot of negative feedback about Club Penguin from my fellow Jammers but I’ve seen for myself that Club Penguin don’t look at all bad. Thanks for enlightening me. This is a definite follow for me. 😛

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