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Club Penguin at Times Square

Happy Monday! Last month, as part of Mountains Monday, I featured a couple of photos of the game at Ski Resorts. As a reminder, on the fourth Monday of the month, I intend to just show some random in real life photos.

This week, as it’s the anniversary of CP Rewritten this month, I thought I’d feature the game at Times Square, located in New York, with three different photos!

Photo taken by 360kid

There’s something which I find really interesting about Club Penguin at Times Square. It’s the stark contrast between the event in 2008 and the one just under a decade later, in 2017.

The link regarding the anniversary is that Club Penguin celebrated their third anniversary there, on October 24th 2008. As part of the event, Lane Merrifield (who you may know as Billybob, one of the founders of the game) was on stage.

I should note that there was another event in December 2011, where someone dressed up as Rockhopper, though I couldn’t find any photos of this event. This was a charity event, intended to collect coats for the winter.

The other event was on April 25th 2017, intended to celebrate World Penguin Day. There were advertisements, but no big crowd nor stage – just a few penguins, including Megg!

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed these random photos of the game at the Times Square!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

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