Mountains Monday,  Real Life Photo

Club Penguin’s 1 Million Players Cake

It’s the fourth Monday of the month, so as usual, time to share a photo of some related to Club Penguin in real life! Cakes have been doing rounds around the web lately, but there’s a rather iconic photo of Lance Priebe (rsnail – one of the three founders of the game) cutting a cake that I wanted to share today!

It was at a cake from Dairy Queen to celebrate for Club Penguin reaching one million registered accounts, so this was many years ago! In fact, at the time, that small cake was enough to provide a slice to every employee in the team.

Photo shared by Chris Hendricks (Screenhog)

It’s amazing seeing how much everyone has aged since then too! For those interested, that’s Holly (happy77) on the left and Lance (rsnail) on the right cutting the cake. Chris (Screenhog) is also sitting next to Lance. Perhaps Lance looks just a bit too happy cutting the cake – he was described as a “samurai warrior” and “delighted”!

I hope that you enjoyed this random Mountains Monday post; thank you for reading, and waddle on!

-Torres 126


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