Mountains Monday,  Real Life Photo

Club Penguin Winter Wonderland at Shopping Mall

In 2011, at Metrô Tatuapé Shopping Centre in Brazil, there were a variety of decorations ahead of Christmas! They included a tree decorated with puffles, along with lots of different penguins and snowmen designs from Club Penguin. For this week’s Mountains Monday, I thought that they’d be fun to share as Christmas approaches! 🎄

My favourite part of these photos are the penguin designs; I think they look really cute, and the holiday clothing which many of them are wearing fits nicely with the background. Above all, it’s pretty remarkable to think that nine years ago, Club Penguin was even taking over shopping malls!

That’s all for today’s Mountains Monday post and real-life photo, I hope you enjoyed reading it! Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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