Memory from the Past,  Mountains Monday

Club Penguin’s Mascots in Igloos

Last month, due to a bug, some players may have had the opportunity to enter Aunt Arctic’s igloo when she visited! As such, for today’s Mountains Monday, I wanted to share two things which some people might remember about mascots in igloos.

The first was the way some penguins were able to enter igloos of mascots, especially in 2013! It used to be a pretty big thing back then, and it was essentially just achieved through spam clicking their playercard. Although they were almost never decorated, mascots used to enter the igloo right before logging off.

However, the other exciting thing to do with mascots and igloos from that time was the ability to have mascots in your own igloo! This was a glitch that required you to have them on your Friends List (but due to a bug, this was very easy to achieve) and you’d just need to click them when changing your igloo.

Although nobody else could see the mascots, it did lead to some very cool screenshots!

Thank you very much for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126


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