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Penguin Pirates Quiz

Following several requests, as part of the new Mountains Monday schedule for this year, the fourth week of the month will now always contain a five-question quiz on a topic related to Club Penguin! These are very low-stake and simply intended for a bit of fun, but I hope that you’ll still enjoy them.

Given everything currently going on the island, I thought that a fun theme to pick for this month would be Penguin Pirates, so that’s what this month’s quiz is about!

1. What is the name of Rockhopper’s red puffle?
Yarr returned from Rockhopper Island with Rockhopper and was adopted by him!
2. What item was hidden at the back of Rockhopper and the Stowaway?
Friendship Bracelet
The Friendship Bracelet was created by Bambadee, the penguin who hid as a stowaway on Rockhopper’s ship!
Key Pin
Explorer Background
3. Shellbeard has been causing lots of excitement lately! However, what was he first presented as?
In the first ever Pick Your Path book by Club Penguin, published in 2008, Shellbeard was either a turtle or a pirate captain depending on which path you took!
4. What was the name of the room located on Shipwreck Island?
Hall of The Viking Lords
This could be accessed during Rockhopper’s Quest!
Hall of The Pirates
Hall of the Stranded Sailors
Hall of the Speared Warriors
5. Which of these creatures has Rockhopper defeated before?
In a 2014 video, “Captain Rockhopper vs Mighty Squid”, he is shown defeating a squid to save his puffle, named Yarr!

I hope that you enjoy the quiz, and that you have a wonderful day!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


  • Anonymous

    Could you please include the ship battle, accessible from the beach, in your full guide? I’m a bit confused about how it works (and also don’t like causing ships to sink >.<).

    • Torres 126

      If I’m honest, I’m not sure there’s much to say about it! It’s more added for a bit of fun – I think that you’re able to fire snowballs through the cannons, but sinking the ship won’t do anything other than an animation.

  • Trevchris007

    I like the tidbit after each correct answer. Nice touch!

    I never knew Shellbeard was actually “a thing” in CP. If he dates as far back as 2008, it’s a shame CP didn’t further develop his character and explore new storylines. I also find it fascinating that he was either a turtle or a pirate captain depending on which path you chose. Quite a contrast. I’m going to do some digging. I want to see what he looked like as a pirate captain.

    The Shipwreck Island question was a doozy, but the room name makes sense given the merch. Brings back memories of a cool party.

    Did Rockhopper Island actually exist? I’ve heard mixed stories. Even heard you could play TH any time. Was it in a video game or mentioned in a magazine or something?

    I hope your new year is off to an awesome start and only gets better.


    • Torres 126

      Thanks for trying it! It’s quite an unknown fact that Shellbeard dated back from before his appearance on Club Penguin Island, but I remember several staff members saying that the Pick Your Path book was the original inspiration; it wasn’t just coincidence that he appeared in both games!

      I can’t remember exactly, but I’m pretty confident that there’s been many references to Rockhopper Island in the past – it was probably mentioned in a magazine or the Pick your Path book? If I remember correctly, the tale goes that it was where Rockhopper found Yarr, and he brought red puffles to the island from there.

      Hope you’ve been well too!

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