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Card-Jitsu Quiz

Following several requests, as part of the new Mountains Monday schedule for this year, the fourth week of the month will now always contain a five-question quiz on a topic related to Club Penguin! These are very low-stake and simply intended for a bit of fun, but I hope that you’ll still enjoy them.

Given that there’s only one thing consuming the island right now, which is the return of Card-Jitsu, I thought that it’d be appropriate to hold a quiz on the game!

1. The Card-Jitsu Saga featured the backstory of Sensei and which other character, who ended up both becoming enemies?
After Tusk hurled an avalanche at Sensei in a friendly battle, he hurled it back, resulting in Tusk being trapped in a cave. This would be a grievance that would later lead to Card-Jitsu Snow…
2. What was the name of the catalog filled with items around Card-Jitsu?
Martial Artworks
Ninjas could access this catalog from the Ninja Hideout.
Costume Trunk
Ninja Fashion
Sensei Styles
3. Snow Ninjas in Card-Jitsu Snow could use what item?
This weapon was effectively two discs shaped as snowflakes.
4. What power card allows a player to chase down their opponent in Card-Jitsu using some familiar machinery?
Aqua Grabber
Using this card will flood the area and allow your penguin to chase after your opponent in the machine from Aqua Grabber…
Thin Ice
Cart Surfer
Bean Counters
5. According to Sensei, how many syllables does the first line of a haiku contain?
And the second line contains seven! Then the third line contains another five…

I hope you enjoy the quiz!

-Torres 126

Haiku: True Wisdom

To find true wisdom
You must train hard and focus
And don’t skip breakfast

-Haiku by Sensei

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