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On this page, I will explain the story of how this site came to be.

The story starts in 2013 when I was on Penguin Lodge, a cheating website. I don’t remember the details precisely as this was many years ago but I was contacted by user Nathan76877. We made friends and began emailing each other. Together we decided that although I had no blogging experience, we’d create a website called “Club Penguin Beach”.

It was never that great and it barely lasted a few weeks. We never even bothered to change the theme, though we did work together to create a few pages. I remember working on coin codes and uploading it. Both of us created separate blogs – Club Penguin Environment and Club Penguin Torres 126. I remember looking at WordPress.com on my iPad the day before a school trip. I didn’t click “create” then, I clicked it the day I returned. September 23rd 2013. CPT126 was created.

I was partly inspired by other blogs such as Radish CP Guides. We helped each other out, particularly when it came to cheating. Trackers and adders were the start of my website and if I remember correctly, we both worked together on the trackers of mascots. Other than that, I don’t remember much about Club Penguin Environment other than it eventually closed down.

On November 25th 2013, I was determined to meet a mascot who was visiting. So, I went on many trackers and just happened to fall across Tommy 234 56’s site. That evening, he had a meet-up. For the past week or so, I was constantly checking the Twitter feed of multiple staff members but then I learnt that Tommy had Twitter, I created an account (underage). This is important to the history of Club Penguin Mountains because I strongly believe every fan-blog needs t get an initial audience from somewhere and it’s difficult to get that audience from search engines. Twitter and Penguin Lodge really became that audience, but over three years later I am still part of the ever so amazing Twitter community.

At this point, CPT126 was doing alright. The adders had been used a fair number of times, especially considering how new the site was. There was quite a bit of traffic and I remember being so excited to see my stats on the iPad 1. A surprising amount of players were interested in becoming authors and I hired many like Pinypinee, Priyul and Rajiv1. Perhaps they saw the potential of my blog, but I can assure you it was really bad and the post were embarrassing. You can read some of the posts with the “Archives” feature on the sidebar.

November 10 2013

November 10 2013

Really quickly, the cheating programs just became another page on the blog. The main thing were the posts and I posted Club Penguin news, just like any other fan blog. There wasn’t anything special to mention about. Some point in early 2014, the site got a re-design and I used the “Bold Life” theme. The site just expanded. Multiple people joined the team however C0mputerguy was a member who posted a lot. One night, Polo Field (a former staff member) followed my blog on February 1st 2014. Naturally, that was the end of cheating on CPT126. I deleted all the pages that had to do with it and I’m almost certainly never going to restore them.

After progressing through themes like “Bold Life”, I chose a dark theme eventually (Hero), which is perhaps one of the most controversial design decisions I’ve made. The fact is, pretty much no Club Penguin blog has ever dared to create a dark theme. However, I did, and I stuck with it.

May 19 2014

May 19 2014

There weren’t many major things that occurred in this time. The site just gradually progressed with a conflict every now and then. Once the site got deleted due to a bug by WordPress.com believing that we had copied content. Once a blog copied our content. Nothing really to note here, at least nothing which I remember. Then, one day, I decided to host a big update.

The stats of 2013 and 2014

The stats of 2013 and 2014

It was nighttime. I was in bed. I was thinking. What should the new name of CPT126 be? What would make a good name? I didn’t find CPT126 a good name and I knew I had to change. I honestly don’t remember why I thought this but it was that evening I decided on Club Penguin Mountains. I wanted to have “Club Penguin” and then a noun. Mountains worked and the domain was free so I just went from there.

This change wasn’t just going to be a new header or a new theme. This was going to be a major change, to the point where I temporarily shut down the blog. In May of 2014, the blog closed. May 2014 was also the month I created the CPMountains Twitter account. I planned for it to open in July, maybe August. It never happened.

There was a new theme. There were new pages. There was an app. There were new authors. I remember spending hours upon hours working on the trackers yet they never were released. I still have the designs somewhere but Club Penguin Tools shut down. CP Tools was a site used by many bloggers to create manual mascot trackers. I have no idea when it shut down, but in 2016, I couldn’t find it.

I loved the thrill of waking up at 6 or 7am on a school holiday, having my TweetDeck columns on one side of my screen and on the other, just doing stuff. It’s something I can’t really do now but those were some really good times and it was a lot of fun. Nowadays blogging can be somewhat of a chore at times. It helped that CP was fun back in 2013, though now that I’m beginning to enjoy CP Island, I can blog about it happily. You need to enjoy what you’re making a blog about.

One post I remember was by Abhi20, an author who made a post before the site opened. It went something like “I hope you enjoy the new theme and the new blog”! At some point, the domain changed from clubpenguintorres126.wordpress.com to clubpenguinmountains.wordpress.com. I remember being so scared when I changed it. I was afraid that everything would be deleted, but it worked out fine. I still own the other site but it just gives a link to this site.

Anyway, lots of hard work went into the site. HOURS (many of them) were put into the SWFs page with help from Priyul. But the public never could view the site. In June of 2014, my penguin got banned for cheating. I don’t want to say too much about it here, but you can read more by clicking this. This was one of the few reasons why I decided not to launch the site. Lots of work had been put in it and a fair amount of sneak peeks had been hinted, but it didn’t go live. The site which started in late September 2013, ended in early June 2014.

Miraculously, I did not delete the website. Instead I passed it to co-founder C0mputerguy who I rightfully trusted. He didn’t make any changes to the website, but it remained locked for years. I didn’t really blog after that point. I did a few posts for Club Penguin Reveals, an extremely popular website, in my holidays. Other than that, I wasn’t really into blogging though I remained in the game’s community. It was also around this time where I was removed as a moderator on Penguin Lodge. I had the highest rank which was given out, yet I reported some people for cheating. It was a cheating site and as such I was demoted. It wasn’t looking good for my career in doing stuff for the community.


The last few days of 2015. I consider returning my blog. I speak to C0mputerguy about getting my blog back. There are a lot of complications with WordPress.com and it’s unsuccessful at first. However, on the 2nd of January, after almost two years, I become the owner again and I made my first post. Lots of my hard work, particularly the trackers, were deleted because it didn’t fit in to what I wanted to do. However, some pages remained and the theme was the same. Yes, assuming I’ve not changed it from this dark theme, this was the theme I selected many years ago. Took some time to go live!

At this point, I wasn’t going to go into the business of posting every single piece of Club Penguin news because honestly, it’s just really tiring, boring and stressful. I took a different stand – opinions. You could have read discussions, ideas and reviews with a small mix of other content. That’s just what I wanted to do and trackers and guides wouldn’t really fit into that. It was different from the usual blog and it slowly worked. Eventually I got onto search engines after having my site set to private for years but before that, my main audience was usually from social media.

On February 15 2016, a major change happened. clubpenguinmountains.wordpress.com became clubpenguinmountains.com. It was a change that costs £18 a year but it allowed to give viewers an ad-free experience. If I was determined enough, I believe that I could monetize this site, but that would require adding advertisements, which I’m not happy with doing. That is the vision of Club Penguin Mountains and I will continue to try my best to give you quality content.

Club Penguin Mountains is something which I’ve been very open about in school. Living in South Africa, Club Penguin was really a thing in 3rd grade (cough, thanks to me, cough) but slowly people just began enjoying Clash of Clans more. I stuck with it, for whatever reason, and many don’t understand why I continue to stick with it.

Want to learn a little secret about Club Penguin? I didn’t make it for kids. I made it for anyone that loves imagination.

I do not create kids games, I create games that kids can play. Club Penguin is for everyone

Lance Priebe, co-founder

However, on the 17th of November 2016 that all changed when Project Super Secret finally was revealed as Club Penguin Island. It’s been a few weeks since that happened and I’ve seen many gameplay videos. A new header was created for our blog and new pages made, with old pages deleted.

2016 was quickly over, and it was a fairly successful year, achieving just under 39,000 views. We were the runner-up in our category of 10 in the TKCPC 2016 Penguin Talent Awards, where tens of thousands of votes were casted. This is a huge achievement though I do need to add that the winner did cheat.


We were the winner of the annual #CPBlogAwards and actually received around 1/3 of the votes. We also received this awesome trophy for this achievement. We have constantly been supported by our readers and even the Club Penguin team! That is a special achievement which no trophy can display!

I do care about this community but I don’t think I’ll ever do something like Community Appreciation or Community Profile again because mainly viewers on social media read that, along with the other parts of this blog. I want that to change, which is why I will now start trying to reach the larger audience. I don’t really care about views as a number, but it means a lot that so many people read my hard work and effort.

However, the launch of Club Penguin Island is just such a good opportunity for me which I can’t miss. Being on the first page on Google could possibly allow me to compete with these “big blogs”. In order to do that, I really need to consider my audience. A survey a few months ago proved that most readers are above the age of the target audience of Club Penguin. I now want to reach it out to everyone! This will mean occasionally making a detailed discussion but I want to do what most users would like to see.

If you wait even a few months, that opportunity gets eaten and I’m not going to let that happen. That is why I’m re-thinking the content of my blog. I’m going to be ambitious but I believe that if I try hard enough, I could maybe reach 100K views by the start of 2018. That number isn’t just a number I use to brag with. It’s one that makes me proud and means that 100 thousand of my posts which I put a lot of effort into have been read.

Update: We reached 100K views in March which was a MASSIVE surprise. Thank you so much! Read more.

On the 27th March of 2017, a difficult decision was taken after contacting Disney and WordPress to enable adverts. We’d provided ad-free viewing for over a year but due to some factors that I can’t put on here, this just wasn’t realistic to continue unfortunately.

On the 25th of May 2017, something absolutely incredible happened. This blog was mentioned and linked to in the official Island Insider episode by Megg.

This is absolutely amazing and it was also around this time we hit 200K views, another major milestone, though I was away on a school trip when this happened.

Around June, I made the decision to start blogging about a private server, Club Penguin Rewritten. It was a game which I immensely enjoyed, and it quickly became a lot more fun to blog about, as well as a lot more popular. Due to a combination of CP Island going downhill, the previous reasons listed, as well as several more, in January 2018, I made the decision to focus solely on Club Penguin Rewritten content.

Amazingly, on February 21st, this blog hit half a million views, which completely surprised and stunned me! I hope that there is a long future for this blog, but I really thank you for everything!

On March 4th 2018, Club Penguin Rewritten sadly closed down and after several months of playing and blogging the game, I had to move onto a new game.

Moment on Club Penguin Rewritten when the servers were disconnected

After long decision, and a week-long break, I decided for these two servers to be Vintage Penguin and SuperCPPS, as they seemed the safest servers at the time with good content. However, exactly a month after Club Penguin Rewritten shut down, they announced they would be returning, so I stopped blogging about these two servers.

We are now “Your #1 source for Club Penguin Rewritten” and I can’t thank you enough for that as the journey continues.

Waddle on!

-Torres 126