Furniture Catalog

The Furniture Catalog, also known as the Better Igloos catalog, contains all the latest furniture on Club Penguin Rewritten! This page will walk through the catalog and explain all the cheats/guides/secrets.

Location: Your igloo (Edit Igloo – Better Igloos)
Sells: Furniture items & contains secrets
Updated: Every month to every two months

A circle and arrow represents that a secret is hidden there and the image next to it is the item which you can get by clicking there. For the HD TV, please note only the first time it appears is the current location. There are never any secrets for the “Create your Own Furniture” page, so let’s skip that.

Let’s start with the Kitchen Essentials page! It contains both the Shiny Red Fridge and the Shiny Red Stove.

Page one contains the Seismograph, Control Terminal, The Count’s Chair, Mini Pumpkin Lanterns, Torn Carpet, Moving Eye Painting and Web Rug.

Page two contains the Black Widow Window, Spooky Penguin Statue, Terrifying Tissue Ghost, the Laboratory Desk, Illuminous Ghost, Crystal Ball, Abandoned Mine Entrance, HD TV, and Perched Puffle Statue.

Page three contains the Garden, Hedge Tree, Nightmare Vortex, Ectoplasmic Pit, Glowing Cauldron, Graveyard Plot, Goblin Eye, Antique Clock and General Store Front.

Page four contains the Lamp Post, Grandfather Clock, Log Wall, Magical Garden, Penguin Mannequin, Magic Crystal Ball, Mini Ghost and Paw Print.

Page five contains the Monster Library Table, Monster Bleachers, Monster Library Shelves, Rectangle Rug, Stone Walk Way, Monster Eye Pillar, Monster Buffet Food, Candy Stash, and Multi-Pane Window.

Page six contains the X-Ray Machine, Tall Grass, Wood Stove, The Count’s Couch and Window Basket.

Page seven contains the Weathered Path, Trashcan, Tall Snowy Tree and Wishing Well.

Page 8 contains the Ferris Wheel Chair, Big Shows Curtains and Regal Table.

Page 9 contains the Bumper Obstacles, Archaeological Dig Decal, and Barrel Chair.

Page 10 contains the Cityscape.

Page 11 contains the Pirate Ship, Mars, and Pink Plastic Castle.

Page 12 contains the Snack Stand and S Curve Ramp.

Page 13 contains the Railroad Piece.

Page 14 contains the Gold Railroad Piece and Gold Railroad Intersection.

That concludes the Furniture catalog!