Furniture Catalog

The Furniture Catalog, also known as the Better Igloos catalog, contains all the latest furniture on Club Penguin Rewritten! This page will walk through the catalog and explain all the cheats/guides/secrets.

Location: Your igloo (Edit Igloo – Better Igloos)
Sells: Furniture items & contains secrets
Updated: Every month to every two months

A circle and arrow represents that a secret is hidden there and the image next to it is the item which you can get by clicking there. For the HD TV, please note only the first time it appears is the current location.

Page one contains the Pink Dresser, Classroom Desk, Curved Desk, Pink Table, Pink Beanbag Chair, Classroom Chair, Pink Chair, Pink Sofa, and Pink Lamp.

Page two contains the Froggy Chair, Thatched Awning, Pink Flamingo, Tea Table, Wishing Well, and Climbing Wall.

Page three contains the Java Bag, Training Dummy, Easel, Coffee Table, Spiral Coffee Tree, and Coffee Couch.

Page four contains the Big Screen TV, Recycle Bin, Welcome Mat, Mona Lisa and Wood Cabinet.

Page five contains the Training Hurdle, Jumbo TV, and HD TV.

Page 6 contains the Puffle Tube Tower, Giant Puffle Hub, Puffle Bubble Tube, Short Window Tube, Short Puffle Tube, Long Puffle Tube, Long Window Tube, T-Joint Puffle Tube, Short Solid Tube, and Long Solid Tube.

Page 7 contains the Puffle Tire Swing and the Puffle Pictures in the following colours: Red, Yellow, Purple, White, Brown, Blue, Green, Black, and Pink.

Page 8 contains the O’Berry Bush, Puffle Table, Wilds Puffle House, Wilds Puffle Treehouse, Puffle Tire Swing, Stump Drawer, Rustic Puffle Table, Stump Seat.

Page 9 contains the Cheeky Lantern, Jungle Fern, Acacia Tree, Hippopotamus, Zebra, and Party Banner.

Page 10 contains the Small Rock, Bulrushes, Board Wave, Swinging Vines, Crab Treasure Chest, Bridge of Destiny, Wall Torch, Brazier, Wall Net, Old Penguin Monument, Wall Map and Wall Sconce.

Page 11 contains the Dinosaur Skull, Sand Bucket, Dinosaur Bones, Stone Lantern, Fruit Pillar, River’s Edge, Scroll-down Map, Desert Island, Desert Stones, Royal Cannon, Flower Planter and Stone Column Ruins.

Page 12 contains the God Walkway, Golden Lava Puddle, Tall Mushrooms, Swamp Slime, Dragon’s Gold, Wooden Crate, Ectoplasmic Pit, Watering Hole, Ectoplasmic Crevasse, Golden Lava Pool and Waterfall.

Page 13 contains the Pitcher’s Mound, Koi Pond, Ogre Fence, Leafy Roof, Mysterious Mist, Leafy Window, Jungle Flora, Eerie Cave, Patio Parasol, Jungle Fern, Island Trinkets, Evergreen Plant, and Jungle Bloom.

Page 14 contains the Ice Coffee Table, Holiday Tree Decoration, Holiday Fireplace, Leaning Tree, Santa Desk, Ice Cube Wreath, Holly Jolly Rug, and the Festive Chair.

A separate “Kitchen Essentials” page at the back of the catalog contains the Shiny Red Stove, Kitchen Stool, Brushed Steel Fridge, Stainless Steel Stove, Fridge, Stainless Steel Fridge, and Shiny Red Fridge.

That concludes the Furniture catalog!