Treasure Book

The Treasure Book is an exclusive book that can only be unlocked via codes on Club Penguin Rewritten, and it contains lots of special items!

Location: Unlock Items Online —> I’ve got a code
How to obtain: You need to receive a code – there’s currently no way to do this at the moment, though there will be more opportunities in the future.

Series 2

There is just two secrets in this edition, one of which is the Green Dragon Costume on the Medieval page, which can be found by clicking the dragon tail hiding in the background.

The second costume is on the Halloween page, where you can find the Faery (Fairy) Costume by clicking the hole in the tree at the bottom left of the page.

Series 1

Page one contains the Fishing Hat, the Black Glasses, the Fishing Vest, the Messenger Bag and also the Fishing Rod!

Page two contains the Sunstriker, the Blue Sunglasses, the Sport Life Jacket, the Surf Knot, the Pendant and the Red Shorts.

If you click the cloud at the top, you will be offered the Red Propeller Cap, the Red Sunglasses or the Red Letterman Jacket.

Page three offers the Headphones, the Penguin Band Hoodie, the Blue Sneakers, The Spikestar, the Star T-Shirt and the Black Sneakers.

Page four offers the Fruit Headdress and the Flamenco Dress. It also has the Sombrero, the Maracas and the Poncho.

If you click the pineapple on the left penguin’s head, you can receive the Winged Helmet too.

Page five contains the Stocking Cap, the Long Johns, the Tiara, the Ballerina and also the Ballet Shoes!

Page six contains the Kitty Kat Hat, the Blue Daisy Hoodie, the Maroon Mask, the Maroon Cape, the White Parka, the Fuzzy Wrist Bands and the Canvas Cloud Shoes.

You can also get 5000 coins!

Remember, you have three picks from the Treasure Book, but it’s an absolutely amazing selection! That concludes the Treasure Book secrets.