Holiday Giveaway

The Club Penguin Mountains Holiday Giveaway 2020 has ended!

For the third year in a row, Club Penguin Mountains hosted a series of giveaways for different pieces of merchandises in December 2020. There were seven different prizes up for grabs, but sadly, all of the giveaways have concluded!

What were the prizes for 2020?

  • Day 1: Puzzle Crystal Stickers
  • Day 2: Puffle Badges
  • Day 3: Comic Storybook
  • Day 4: Top Trumps
  • Day 5: Puzzle Eraser
  • Day 6: EPF Full Spy Kit Pack
  • Day 7: Sticker Scene Book

Each prize also included three different Card-Jitsu cards.

What were the answers to each Bonus Question?

For Day 1, the odd one out was “Winter Pudding“; this was the only option which wasn’t a biscuit you could use to transform into something at the Holiday Party 2012. (answered correctly by 42.7% of people)

For Day 2, the image (see below) was from the Electromagnet 1000. It’s the award given during the sixth PSA mission. (answered correctly by 44.4% of people)

For Day 3, there was a riddle, which you can see below! The answer was Aunt Arctic; the adjective “jumbled” indicated that you had to shuffle “curtain cat” to the name of a character. “Curtain cat” can be reshuffled to “Aunt Arctic”. (answered correctly by 16.2% of people)

Jumbled curtain cat is the character which you must now enter as the answer.

For Day 4, the answer was the room where the image was taken. This was the Gift Shop; it’s near the curtains. (answered correctly by 29.7% of people)

For Day 5, there was a word puzzle! I was thinking that the answer would be FISH, and this was valid, but as usual with these types of challenges, it turns out there are multiple answers! Any valid word was accepted; this included FISH, WISH, DISH, RASH etc. (answered correctly by 40.2% of people)

For Day 6, there was another riddle. The answer was anything that included Aqua Grabber; it refers to the crab in the Soda Seas level, along with the activity needed to obtain the Soda Treasure stamp. (answered correctly by 53.1% of people)

I’ll give you an emerald should you let me keep what’s in my pile, but in which mini-game can you see me, assuming you’ve been playing a while?

For Day 7, there was a wordsearch, and the word featured in it was Frostbite. (answered correctly by 79.1% of people)

Who were the winners?

  • Day 1: Luzclarita13
  • Day 2: Proudfrog
  • Day 3: Charli2829
  • Day 4: LastOneLucy
  • Day 5: dreamsvils
  • Day 6: Pennypeng20
  • Day 7: Goodduckling

All winners would’ve received an email – please respond to it!

Happy Holidays!