2. Rock the Volcano

This guide will help you complete episode 2 of Aunt Arctic’s Adventures on Club Penguin Island! We’ve got a video along with written steps to help make it even easier for you.

Step 1:

Collect your Hot Sauce and your Lava Suit from Aunt Arctic.

Step 2:

Wear your Lava Suit by going to “My Designer”.

Step 3:

Head over to Coconut Cove and look for three vents. These are located:

  • By the entrance to the Cove
  • By the SS Connivence Party Supplies market
  • By the entrance to the Sea Caves

To poor Hot Sauce in it, simply waddle up to the vent and tap the orange interaction button.

Step 4:

Go to the left (west) of Coconut Cove and jump on the stage. Waddle over to an instrument of your choice and tap the orange interactive button. Play that instrument three times by pressing the blue buttons at the bottom right.

Step 5:

You’ll need to look for lava blobs around the Cove. They are located:

  • In front of the Cove’s stage
  • To the left of the Cove’s stage
  • Near the entrance to the lifeguard place. This is also to the left of the Cove’s stage
  • At the moss near the waterfall
  • On the island which has a sandcastle and the bouncy mat

Once again, you can pick up these blobs by just waddling close to them and tapping the orange interactive button!

Step 6:

Head back to the Lighthouse in Beacon Boardwalk. Simply waddle to the far left where the tall building is and stand on the map.

Step 7:

Melt all five of the Lighthouse’s ice. Do this by tapping the orange interactive button five times. Be careful and ensure you are next to the Lighthouse and not the Zipline.

Final Step:

Claim your rewards!

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