3. Gongs Away

We’re here to help you with Rockhopper’s Adventures on Club Penguin Island with step by step tutorials and a helpful video which you can refer to at anytime! This is episode three, Gongs Away.

Step 1:

Pick up a Pirate Sword and practise sword swings against Bob by tapping each of the blue buttons at the bottom right.

Step 2: 

Defeat all dummies by swinging your sword at them. There are three of them and there is one located on the left, the centre and the right.

Step 3:

Head to Coconut Cove and waddle to the right. Almost immediately a tablet will appear. Equip your sword by going to my inventory – gear – pirate sword and cut the vines on the tablet.

Step 4:

Read the tablet and wear a pirate hat by going into “My Designer”.

Step 5:

Head to the Welcome Hut in Beacon Boardwalk and purchase fireworks for 10 coins. Then tap “Use it!” and waddle over to the Wish Squid on Picnic Hill, near the waterfall.

Step 6:

Launch your fireworks at the Wish Squid. Read the new tablet that appears.

Step 7:

Head over to the Lighthouse balcony. It doesn’t matter if you waddle over there or take the zipline!

Step 8:

Tap the bottom right blue buttons three times to smack the railing with your sword.

Step 9:

Head back to the Migrator to fight 4 dummies, including Swabbie Bob. Grab a sword!

Step 10:

Fight each dummie by hitting them with your sword a few times. To do this, tap the blue button at the bottom right. They are located:

  • To the left of Rockhopper
  • Behind Rockhopper
  • By the cannon on the left
  • By the steering wheel on the right

Step 11:

Waddle over to the chest which will fall. When close to it, tap the orange interactive button.

Step 12:

Claim your reward!

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