4. Mirror Mirror

This guide will help you complete episode 4 of Aunt Arctic’s Adventures on Club Penguin Island! We’ve got a video along with written steps to help make it even easier for you.

Step 1:

Aunt Arctic will ask you to speak to Rockhopper. Head over to the Migrator and do so by tapping the orange interactive button when you’re close to him.

Step 2:

Collect the Squid Tentacle which Rockhopper gives you and go to the Fishing Spot. Throw your rod into the water and tap the orange interactive button fast when it lights up. Repeat this three times. You can learn more about fishing here.

Step 3:

You’ll collect 2 pieces of Sea Glass but a crab will steal the third one. Speak to Aunt Arctic by going to her and tapping the orange interactive button.

Step 4:

She will give you a Crab Costume. Wear this by going to “My Designer” in the blue “My Penguin” tab. She will then direct you to the Crab’s Den in the Sea Caves.

Step 5:

Head over to the Sea Caves and dive in. Swim fairly deep but stick to the left until you see a crab. Then follow the path. An arrow will help you.

Step 6:

Once at the end of the Crab’s Den, you’ll see a pipe. Don’t go in that pipe! Instead, use the pink emoji which has a crown on her head. Then grab the final piece of Sea Glass!

Step 7:

Head back to Beacon Boardwalk and go to Rockhopper. You’ll need to speak to him.

Final Step:

Claim your rewards!

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