Ep. 9/Ch. 2: Burying Treasure

The EPF now has to protect the Island Codex from Herbert. We have a guide on how to do so with a video (courtesy of MysteriousAeon) as well as a step-by-step walkthrough!

Step 1:

Listen to Aunt Arctic’s orders then collect the Island Codex and head to the Migrator to speak to Rockhopper.

Step 2:

Speak to Rockhopper by tapping the orange interactive button and listen to him. Then head to buoy 6, which is next to the Lighthouse.

Step 3:

Equip your jackhammer from “My Inventory” and dig on the red X. Unfortunately you’ll find cursed treasure! Dig on the treasure chest again and now head to buoy 2 in Coconut Cove. It’s opposite the Lifeguard Station.

Step 4:

Dig on the red X on the island with buoy 2 on it. You’ll discover, well, Stinky Cheese! Bury up the cheese again by drilling on it.

Step 5:

Go to the red X by the entrance to the Sea Caves. Drill there again using your Jackhammer and a hole will appear. Cover up the Codex by drilling on it.

Step 6:

Report back to Aunt Arctic at the Exchange in Boardwalk. Then claim your reward! I hope this guide helped!

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