Ep. 2/Ch. 2: Point of View

Here’s a guide on how to complete episode 2 of chapter 2 of Aunt Arctic’s Adventures on Club Penguin Island: Point of View! We have a step-by-step guide and a video due to our partnership with MysteriousAeon.

Step 1:

Listen to Aunt Arctic and waddle over to the Lifeguard Station at the Cove. Speak to Jet Pack Guy where he will ask you to scan the cost.

Waddle over and equip the Lifeguard Kit by tapping the orange interactive button. Then tap the binoculars button.

Step 2:

Jet Pack Guy will tell you to go to Rockhopper. Head back to Beacon Boardwalk and waddle over to the Migrator. Speak to Rockhopper and collect the magnet. Then waddle over to the Fishing Area and fish for a metal crate.

Step 3:

Waddle over to the cannon at Boardwalk and tap the orange interactive button. The metal crate will open and you’ll need to swim to the sand. Do so and waddle over to the Jet Fuel where you can collect it by tapping the orange interactive button.

Step 4:

Waddle back to the Lifeguard Station at Coconut Cove. Give Jet Pack Guy the fuel who will then take off to the mysterious Iceberg. He’ll bring back some photos which you need to put together.

Order them together so it looks like this:

Step 5:

Collect the photos of the base and head back to Aunt Arctic at Beacon Boardwalk. She’ll speak with you and then you can claim your reward!

I hope this tutorial helped!

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