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    EXCLUSIVE: Breaking Boundaries in Club Penguin Island

    Have you ever just wanted to swim past all boundaries on Club Penguin Island? I have been doing that for the last week and people have been requesting a lot for me to teach them how! Today I’m going to give you a walkthrough on how to swim here along with a video!

    Update: This method has been patched and is very unreliable BUT there is a new method to do the exact same thing. Unfortunately it is members only but it should work!

    New Method

    Step 1:

    Head to the entrance of the Migrator and go to the Iceberg. You should be in this location:

    Step 2:

    Use your tube and slowly wiggle over the invisible barrier. That’s it! Keep on reading for more information though to maximise the things you can do with this glitch!

    Old Method (Probably patched)

    Step 1:

    Head to the dark blue water in Beacon Boardwalk and ask a friend to go to the Welcome Circle. Simply friend jump to your friend in the Welcome Circle by tapping their playercard.


    Step 2:

    You are now underwater. You can move around using the trackpad! Start heading right towards the waterslide.


    Step 3:

    Here’s where things get a bit a tricky. You need to first boost swim to this part. It’s where the steps to the hill and the Wish Squid are. Once you’re here, stop. There’s two places which you need to avoid.


    Step 4:

    You’ll get to this cave. Do not swim out here as there is a portal, which I will explain a bit more later. Keep on boost swimming to the right.


    Step 5:

    Once you’re here, swim out of the caves and go into the water. Do not swim any further as there’s a portal.


    Final Step:

    Rather than swimming right, swim left. You need to swim by the boundary. From here, just keep swimming! Let me explain what portals are though!



    The one thing which you need to be extremely careful of is portals. These send you back to land and you will need to complete all of the steps. Portals prevent you from swimming too far out from land.

    A great guide as to where a portal is is the Migrator. Imagine an invisible line through the centre of the ship. If you swim past this line, you will be teleported to land.


    Portals are something you are likely to encounter and I did numerous times. Just repeat the steps which I have showed you! My suggestion is to stick to the boundary line until you get to the Migrator. This glitch is best done with friends!

    Video demonstrating how to do this glitch and how portals work:

    I hope this tutorial was useful to you. I’d just like to thank iceybeakCP¬†for showing me this glitch. He said it was difficult to explain how to do it but I think that I’ve figured it out now.

    I had lots of fun showing this glitch to friends and now you can too! Blogs will probably post this walkthrough after I do but just remember you viewed it here first as we truly are your #1 source for Club Penguin Island! Let me know if you have any issues.

    Waddle on!