Puffle Hotel Updates

Hi Guys,

In case you have not noticed (I only did today) there are a few updates at the Puffle Hotel. If you can remember when the Rainbow Puffle came out you would be able to do quests but they would only give limited health boost to your puffle’s stats. If you visit it now and your puffle does not have lots of health it will give your puffle 100% in that specific thing. For example if I went to the roof and made my puffle sleep his rest bar would be full. Also the same would work for food. You can also buy a pizza at the Pizza Parlour that will also take your puffle’s food stats to 100%. If you want to get all your puffle’s stats to 100% you have to go Puffle Digging. This feature is for members only. Too do this just simply walk your puffle anywhere apart from igloos. I recommend walking your Puffles at the Dojo Courtyard or at the Iceberg. All puffles eat different food. This means a red puffle can dig up a blue puffle’s food. Therefore if you feed your red puffle a blue puffle’s food it will just be normal food. There is a guide of what puffles eat in the Puffle Handbook.

Enjoy and of course Waddle On!

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