Club Penguin – Tusk Design Concept Art

Every now and then, some concept art is released regarding Club Penguin, but this hasn’t happened in a while considering that the classic version has closed.

I know that a lot of people are really interested in this, so I just wanted to share a new concept art which was created by Neil Hooson and revealed earlier today. It shows Tusk, who you may recognise from Card Jitsu Snow!

Concept art is fascinating to me, so I just wanted to share it with you as it’s amazing how a character on Club Penguin comes to life. Feel free to just skip over this post though, this was just a quick post to share this with you.

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


Club Penguin Music Behind the Scenes – Sled Racing

Another fantastic video has been released by Screenhog, featuring some of the details behind the scenes of creating the Sled Racing track!

His video contains details on how the track was created, how it sounds and also an unreleased track which has rarely been heard before! You might not be interested by this, but I do like sharing exciting things related to Club Penguin, so feel free to watch!

The video is really cool, and features a lot of interesting stuff about a very iconic song! If you’d like to hear more of Screenhog’s stuff, feel free to check out his other videos (he’s done three so far), but he’ll also be on a stream on October 24th!

Thank you very much for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126

Club Penguin Music: Behind the Scenes

Hi! It’s rare for me to publish something not relating to the latest news on Club Penguin Rewritten, but something really amazing was recently published that I wanted to share with you! 🎵

Last night, Screenhog released a behind the scenes video about some of the music which he created. In case you didn’t know, Screenhog was an amazing artist and music composer behind the game! Much of how his music was created hasn’t been too well known, until recently!

If you haven’t already, I’d highly recommend watching the video if you’re curious about where and how some of the original music for the game was created.

In the video, a few tracks were featured, and you may recognise the Ocean Voyage theme from the previous party on Club Penguin Rewritten. Here’s how the finished product sounded like!

It’s incredibly similar in the video (though there’s some extra instruments)! You may also be familiar with it, but this is how the Pizzatron 3000 track sounds like too. 

Also, if you’re wondering how it looks like on sheet music, a talented community member called Stone523 also managed to transcribe it into music playable on the piano. Check it out!

I decided to make this post as music is a huge part of Club Penguin, and I was really interested by Screenhog’s video and thought you would be too! I’m hoping he makes more in the future since the last one was awesome.

Thank you very much for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126

Club Penguin Mountains isn’t responsible for content outside this blog, although I am confident everything embedded is appropriate!

CP Rewritten: DJ Maxx Visits – 03/07/18

View DJ Maxx tracker here

This is just a quick post to let you know that DJ Maxx visited today on the server Marshmallow, and was tracked by the mascot tracker (see proof here).

UPDATE: Cadence just made an appearance at 21:45 (PST) today too on Marshmallow!

He did not have a new background – it was not his Halloween background but his other one. Congratulations if you met him and good luck meeting him if you didn’t!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

Here’s what happened yesterday…


This is probably going to be the final “Status update” to Club Penguin Mountains for a while, but I just wanted to clarify some of the issues of this blog yesterday, though everything is okay.

Why couldn’t I view Club Penguin Mountains yesterday?

For some of yesterday, Club Penguin Mountains was down as I was attempting to transfer the domain to a new self-hosted website. Unfortunately, after three attempts, the transfer failed due to the new laws which the new host aren’t ready to deal with yet.

You may have received a warning saying Club Penguin Mountains is not secure, and I just want to clarify this. Any message like that which appeared is the default scenario when a domain transfer occurs, regardless of which website. It does not reflect the actual security of this website.

Club Penguin Mountains is, and always has been, completely secureYou can view our Privacy Policy here.

Will Club Penguin Mountains be self-hosted?

Sadly, no, I have decided that Club Penguin Mountains will remain hosted with All content will be exactly like you are used to, and nothing will change.

What was self-hosted?

Basically, self-hosted was a less restricting version of WordPress, which would have meant I could offer new things on this site. Immediately, that would have meant an improved design and tracker notifications, which are two of the most requested things.

Unfortunately, it was just too complicated to follow through, especially with the domain transfer, and also because hundreds of images and posts were “lost” during the transfer. I decided it would be better to stick with overall.

What does this mean?

There are two main points which I wanted to convey in this blog post:

  • Club Penguin Mountains will remain exactly how it was like day before yesterday and how you see it now – nothing will change
  • Any warnings of Club Penguin Mountains not being secure was the result of a normal domain transfer – this is usual, and this blog is secure (after all, it is just a blog)

Once again, I apologise for the inconvenience caused, but this time, there should be no further issues as I am certain of my decision to keep things the same.

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

Sorry for the downtime

Hi everyone,

You may have noticed for the last few hours a message saying that you can’t access Club Penguin Mountains, or an error message appearing when you try and load the site.

The reason for this isn’t too complicated: for the last few days, I’ve been trying to make one of the biggest changes ever to this blog, which is moving to a self-hosted version of WordPress. Basically, this would allow more helpful and useful content, and I wouldn’t be as restricted. For example, one benefit could be allowing notifications whenever a mascot is online.

Unfortunately, especially with issues of the domain, this hasn’t gone so smoothly, and a result, there has been and may continue to be some time where this website isn’t working. Please don’t worry, this website is (and will remain) completely secure, and you can see our privacy notice here.
Please do not worry if Club Penguin Mountains is unavailable for sometime, I will always try and fix it as quickly as possible.

Thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience.

-Torres 126

A Year since Club Penguin Closed…

A couple of days ago, Club Penguin marked one year since they closed down their doors forever. Back then, there were concerns that perhaps this could completely be the end of the desktop’s version of the virtual world, but a year on, the community still thrives and private servers archive the enjoyment and fun.

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Club Penguin Mountains Returns Soon

This break has concluded

This time will allow me to consider the future of this blog, including which game I will be blogging about in the future, or if I will continue this blog at all. You will definitely hear from me soon, and this isn’t permanent.

I will likely keep you updated within the next one or two weeks, but you will hear more from me on this blog by the end of March, though likely earlier.

Waddle on,

-Torres 126

Club Penguin Rewritten is Closing Down

I don’t feel comfortable commenting on the situation right now, however the news has been broken. A statement can be viewed on the website here.

Today, February 26th, Club Penguin Rewritten is announcing that the virtual world will be discontinued on March 4th, 2018 permanently. After said date is passed, the game will be offline along with the website All data and accounts associated will be erased for security purposes. Any server claiming to be us will be fake unless addressed on our Twitters @CPRewritten and @CPRSupport.

There will be one last party, The Waddle On Party, which will take place Feb. 28 — Mar. 4.
At exactly Mar. 4, 14:00 Penguin Standard Time (or 21:00 GMT), the servers will be shutdown.
You can check the Clock Tower located at the Snow Forts.

Note to all our players: Thank you. It has been such an incredible ride throughout the last year. We created parties, events, meetups and so, so much love towards our virtual world — Club Penguin. Together as a community we proved that we can bring back our favourite world with life. We are strong and always will be. This closure is not the end of our journey, but a new chapter for new discoveries and experiences. There are several other Club Penguin servers out there that you can find to keep the world spinning. You can also join Disney’s Club Penguin Island to support the official brand. Club Penguin is a community, not one specific game. The world will keep spinning as long as we are united.

Feel free to take a trip down memory lane.

Thank YOU for everything,
— The Club Penguin Rewritten Team

CP Rewritten: Aunt Arctic Confirmed to Log on Again

Aunt Arctic visited the server Blizzard on Club Penguin Rewritten for just under an hour earlier today, but unfortunately many penguins, including myself, were not able to meet her.

The good news is that the administrator Joee has confirmed that Aunt Arctic will return this month before the Penguin Play Awards ends. Today is also the day the 50th edition of the Club Penguin Rewritten Times will be published, so it is also fairly possible she may visit today again (not confirmed).

Aunt Arctic was also visiting with a new Penguin Play Awards themed background, so I am extremely hopeful to meet her again! You can find a manual tracker to increase your chances of meeting her here.

Thank you very much for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126