Club Penguin Island: Holiday Party Decorations

The Club Penguin Island team have shared some decorations for the Winter Holiday Party coming to the island next month! Surprisingly, Coins for Change will also be making a return to the island!

The team made a post on the blog here, sharing lots of photos and also a small amount of information. Could this line suggest Herbert, or maybe some other activity? I really hope that there is a bit more to do than the Halloween Party!

All will be calm and all will be bright–until something suspicious hinders the hype! Every penguin will have to work together to help save the holiday festivities.

The most exciting screenshot is the one of Island Central, which looks absolutely beautifully decorated! There’s a darker sky, lots of trees, wreaths, stars and other decorations! It looks amazing! But also most notably, we can see the pot for Coins for Change! I’m so glad to see that make a return!

Also in Island Central will be a Holiday Feast, hosted by Aunt Arctic! Along with lots of (new) food, we can also see what appears to be some rewards, including items and party supplies! I’m really hoping that we will see a system similar to the advent calendar when the party hits the island!

The other thing which the screenshot shows is how Igloos & Interiors will look like when opened! Also, what is that mysterious target and those Christmas trees? I reckon that they have to do with saving the Holiday Party!

The Stage will also receive some decorations, and we can see the presents in the back! Hopefully every few days, you will be able to open up the present to receive a reward!

The final screenshot posted was a few more decorations on Mt. Blizzard! We can see presents, lights, a tree and a wreath, but nothing too exciting here!

Overall, the Holiday Party looks amazing, especially in Island Central! My only hope is that there are multiple activities that last the whole event, unlike the Halloween Party and that there is an advent calendar! The team also posted an emoji sneak peek here. 

I’m also extremely glad to see Coins for Change return, for those who aren’t aware what that is, virtual coins are donated in-game by us, but then the team donate real money to specific causes in the real world! I’m curious to know what those causes will be this year!

Thank you very much for reading, be sure to check back for more of the latest Club Penguin Island news and guides! Waddle on!

-Torres 126


Back to School!

It’s that time of year again, the one which loads of videos about how awful school is come out, the island becomes slightly more inactive and penguins return to school! This includes myself, and after a month of exciting new content on Club Penguin Rewritten and fun on Club Penguin Island, summer is over…

I just wanted to take this moment to wish everybody the best of luck during the new school year and whilst school has resumed for me, I’ll still be creating content almost everyday! In fact, I’ve got some new cool things to share with you this month, including the first edition of The Rewritten Written Magazine, which will hopefully be out in a few days!

Best of luck to everybody starting school again (including myself, hehe)! Waddle on!

-Torres 126

Megg hasn’t Left Club Penguin Yet!  

Yesterday the entire community was concerned that Megg had left Club Penguin after a tweet from Polo Field confirming so, but fortunately the team did reassure us today, saying that she’s “doing great” and we’ll hear from her on Island Insider this week! 

This doesn’t necessarily confirm that Megg is remaining at the team, maybe we’ll hear news that she has left this week. But the team have reassured us that Bobbi is doing well, so I don’t think there’s a need to worry. It does however prove how much the community appreciates the meggnificence of Megg! 

I’m glad to hear this news and I appreciate the team listening to us and reassuring us of our concerns! 😊 

-Torres 126 

The angle glitch!

Whilst I do like to inform you of everything going around on Club Penguin Island, my friend Danar435 is a passionate player and has his own blog which focuses on glitches. He recently posted how to complete “The Angle Glitch” that provides a method on how to change angles in the game. I’d definitely suggest checking it out as the glitch is really awesome! Waddle on! 😊

Club Penguin Island Secrets

Hello peeenguiins. Today I have a glitch that we finally figured it out a few days ago, but this glitch is yet older. Smileytylee was so amazing to tell us the method. It changes your view angle, and you can see the world like never before! But sadly I am non-member and I can’t show you the glitch images.

  1. Go to a shop, and buy a smoothie tray, if you don’t have one.
  2. Walk somewhere where the view changes, like the Migrator.
  3. Get out the smoothie tray. Press the action button so the tray is out for people to get.
  4. JUMP!
  5. Put the tray away.

Now if you start walking, the view stays at one position! You can do, whatever. Explore the island in different angles and make wonderful movies. No wonders why I didn’t figure it out. I’m not a member, haha. Okay, that’s it, sorry again that…

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I’m Back!

Hey everyone!

This is just a quick update to let you know that I have returned from my school trip and will continue to be posting Club Penguin Island content! I know I missed out on a lot but I will definitely catch-up on that now!

Thank you for reading! 🙂

-Torres 126

See you Soon…

This blog will be inactive until the 29th of May (it’s active again)

Today was supposed to be an awesome day. I was excited to come home, play the team’s awesome work for myself and share my enjoyment of the new update with all of you here. Unfortunately that didn’t happen and I find myself in a position unable to post the Club Penguin Island Daily Challenges. It’s annoying and disappointing but what can you do?

But also, I have a school trip soon so I’m going to be inactive until the 30th of May, meaning no posts. I will be back soon though! Before I leave, I would like to talk for a bit. This is a temporary leave from Club Penguin Island blogging but a permanent one hasn’t crossed my mind.

The game just hasn’t lived up to my first expectations and thoughts when playing it. The new update is fun for about a week and then it’s another 4 weeks of boredom and having to go through what can sometimes feel like a chore to post the Daily Challenges. Now, I’ve not played 1.3 yet because of the messed up system of only a handful of users being able to play so I won’t comment further.

I will say that I’ve been considering changes. A change that will likely come this Summer is posts about Club Penguin Rewritten – a private server which attempts to restore old CP. I’ve been enjoying it a lot recently and it’s a lot easier to make posts about something you can enjoy to that scale. If Disney wanted to take down CPR, they could’ve and since they have not, I see no reason why it should be a problem in regards to ethical details.

But I do want to hear your thoughts about this first. My hope is that this will balance out the repetitiveness of Club Penguin Island blogging – something news, something fresh, something fun. I’ll leave you with an exclusive look at the potential header if this change was to go ahead.

Fear not, if you don’t want to read posts about one of the games, you can ignore them with a tap of a button. But here’s a poll which I would appreciate your opinion on.

Well, these are some thoughts I wanted to share but also letting you know once again, this blog will be inactive until the 30th of May. Thank you for reading Club Penguin Mountains and have an awesome week!

See you soon!

-Torres 126

How to go near the orange buoy, climb the exchanger.

You likely know by now that Club Penguin Mountains strives to be your #1 source for CP Island, and I think we’re doing a pretty good job at that when it comes to news and guides! But for glitches, my friend Danar435’s blog (CPI Secrets) is the best and that’s why I’d like to share this very awesome glitch with you! Be sure to check it out, along with the rest of his awesome posts! Have a great day! 🙂

Club Penguin Island Secrets

First I want to give a special thanks to HotFire8 for showing me this glitch, and smileytylee for taking the screenshots. The first thing you need to do is climb to the place where the wish squid, zipline and the water slide is, and go near the bushes, where the confetti flower is. Then use the tube and try to go at the right, while you are behind the other bush like that:


Then remove the tube, while you are between the bushes, now your hands should start to move, like falling. Use your tube to go forward at the right of the tree, and remove it.


Now you are in the wall. So, you should just jump to go on the grass, and then go at the left.


You did it. This is how to climb the place where the orange buoy is (unfortunately the buoy is not solid), but that’s…

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The Sea Caves map!

I’ve got something cool to share with you today created by Danar435! I’ve always wanted to do this but I found it way too complicated but Danar has done an amazingly good job at it. He has created a map of the Sea Caves! I’ll let you check out his post for more information! 🙂

Club Penguin Island Secrets

Because I have made so many glitches in the sea caves, i decided to make something cool. Have you got lost in the sea caves at least once? Don’t you know where things are in the sea caves? Are you confused where you are? Well, i got something that will help a lot:


Isn’t that cool? I have done everything in this map. I got the images, i combine them, i edited it and it looks amazing! However it is not perfect, because i got different angles of the cave, and it was really hard to add the images one over another, so that’s why it isn’t perfect. And if you look the image, there is like a fish! REVIEWS:

Isidorf – It looks like a squid with a tea cup on his head.

Chrisatsinnoh – I see a fish shape in the middle.

Kylohn – Honestly, I don’t want to trigger you, but…

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Important Announcement Regarding Club Penguin Mountains

Dear readers of Club Penguin Mountains,

You are reading this blog and that means a lot to me. I feel like you ought to know what I’ve been doing behind-the scenes.

Since February 2016, Club Penguin Mountains has provided ad-free content for you to enjoy. However, this (for significant reasons which I cannot share in this post) is now unrealistic to continue. After contacting TWD General Permissions and WordPress, I have the ability to put adverts on this blog. Lots of thought has gone into this decision and I have finally decided to try it out.

For the next 45 or so days, adverts will be seen on Club Penguin Mountains. After that day, I will likely continue these adverts but it depends on what you think. Nobody likes adverts. I don’t like them either, which is the main reason why I didn’t ask to enable them before. It is also the reason why the following is the case:

  • Adverts will not make your reading experience any worse
  • Adverts are currently only located beneath posts and pages
  • There are no pop-ups, Infolinks or header adverts
  • Sidebar adverts are an option that I have not ruled out. Being honest here, and that’s the case at the moment. However, truthfully, I’m not after money, so these aren’t enabled yet
  • All adverts will be appropriate for a Club Penguin blog. In the highly unlikely event you do see an inappropriate one, please take a screenshot and report to either myself or WordPress but the chances of this happening are extremely low
  • Research was conducted with the community before making this decision and I am confident that this blog matches the criteria to legally have adverts on it. I have read the Terms and Conditions of the program and previous polls makes me feel that this decision is not illegal. Technically, the money goes to my parents and not myself as I’m under 18.

This is currently me testing out WordAds. I would like to hear feedback from you though more decisions will be taken closer to the 45 day mark in which authors will also receive a message from me.

Now, I still want to make this clear. I blog because I love blogging. I’ve been doing that since 2013 and that won’t change just because a small amount of money is being made. My posts will remain the same, the style of Club Penguin Mountains will remain the same, everything will remain the same. The only difference is that there is now a small advert at the end of every post/page.

If you have any feedback, please do let me know. Though I have already contacted Disney, should Disney have any problems, do feel free to email me. I understand any complaints but I have tried my best not to disrupt any viewing experience. Thank you!

Kind regards,

-Torres 126


My friend Danar435 wrote a very cool post showing that even non-members can use a tube! This is something I really want to share as it’s so cool. Check it out!

Club Penguin Island Secrets

GUYS, INSANE NEW GLITCH!!! As you may see on the picture, i ride a tube, but wait, thats not all, im not a member! Oh, wanna ride a tube? Ok, warning – this glitch is hard. And reques LAG, so please, try to do this when open the app for the first time today. Anyway, the steps:

  1. Open the app, or open and close settings.
  2. If your interface does appear from the sides, and you look at your locked tube button, first it is unlocked. Press it FAST!!! If you press it before it lock itself, you will be on a tube. If it open “About MEMB”, go back to step one.
  3. DONE!

Not really needed these steps, but i like doing that 😀 . Wait, did you do it? If not try again, until you do it. And one more tip – try to be on a server with…

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