Another Year of Birthday Reflections…

Hi everyone,

Every year, I’ve tended to write a quick post on 6th February just briefly reflecting, since today is my birthday! If you’re interested, you can find last year’s one here. This one technically marks me being an adult, which feels incredibly strange and scary! There’s not really much which I have to say this year, but there’s two thoughts on my mind which I felt were worth sharing.

The first which I wanted to express is sheer gratitude. I’ve never really celebrated birthdays much, but a couple of friends helped make this year’s feel extremely memorable and special. It feels very odd using the term “childhood”, but I really do feel extremely lucky to have had such a fortunate one, with wonderful people and experiences. A lot of that stems from this little penguin world, this blog, and all of you who follow it – thank you!

The other thing which I wanted to say is that, if you were like me when many years younger, you tend to think that you’ll have some idea of what you’ll be doing by the time you reach this stage. Reaching it now, I’ve realised that probably won’t be the case – and that’s okay! This is the year where I officially end school, and I’m still not exactly sure that I have any clue what I’m doing…

Thank you very much to everyone who has stuck around and read this blog, whether you’ve been around for a long time or only briefly! I really appreciate it.

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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