Birthday Reflections & Soul-Searching

Hi everyone!

Although it’s probably a little unnecessary and outdated, it’s been a little bit of a tradition to write a short post each year on February 6th, since today is my birthday! If you’re interested, you can find last year’s one here. It’s quite remarkable what’s happened since then.

There isn’t really too much which I wanted to say beyond acknowledging this day, and my usual annual ruminations. For me, the last few weeks and months have certainly involved much reflection, perhaps even soul-searching, especially as I grow older. Part of that is probably natural curiosity about the future and what I’ll be doing, and the rest might just be a wonder about a wider purpose.

Some real-life mountains!

It’s funny; two weeks ago, somebody whose name you’d probably recognise asked me why I still play Club Penguin. That’s something which I’ve often wondered myself, and I suppose that part of the reason is that craving for purpose often translates itself into a retreat to creative output, and blogging is a measurable way of satisfying that. I remember having this internal discussion with myself several years ago, and it feels like that’s become more substantive in recent times, particularly with “life-changing” decisions needing to soon be made.

I’ve never really celebrated birthdays much, and although my friends help made today a little special, it does make me wonder what the future will hold and what the aim is. Perhaps that’ll remain a mystery for some time, but until then, I think it’s just important to focus on what you enjoy.

Best wishes,

-Torres 126


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