Penguin Style

The Penguin Style is an iconic catalog on Club Penguin Rewritten, which contains all the latest clothing and lots of secrets! This page will walk through the catalog and explain all the cheats/guides.

Location: Gift Shop
Sells: Clothing items & contains secrets
Updated: Every month

There are never any secrets on the colour selection or “Custom Hoodie” pages, so let’s just skip to the main bit of the catalog. A circle represents that a secret is hidden there and the image next to it is the item which you can get by clicking there. Please note that only the first (Red/Blue) Viking Helmet to appear is a current valid secret.

Page one contains the Chocolate Ice Cream, Light Pink Giant Sunglasses and the Light Pink Scarf.

Page two contains the Clown Face Makeup, the Cherry Balloon and the Coral Crown.

Page three contains the Green Wheeler, Bucket Hat, and Dog Stuffie.

Page 4 contains the Aqua Bikini, Boa, The Explorer, the Canoeing Outfit and Paddle.

Page 5 contains three further secrets: the Golf Hat, the Star Glasses and the Street Surf Shorts.

Page 6 contains the Viking Helmet, Decaf Coffee, Pink MP3000, Campfire Marshmallow, and the Coral Beach Dress.

For some reason, the Blue Viking Helmet doesn’t seem possible to obtain currently – this may be a bug which could be fixed later!

Page 7 contains four secrets: the Wizard Hat, The Shimmer, the Lady’s Gown and the Queen’s Crown!

Page 8 also contains an additional three secrets: the Amethyst Hat, the Amethyst Dress and the Queen’s Dress.

Page 9 contains the Blue Dragon Feet, the Purple Magic Wand, the Golden Fairy Wings, The Twister and the Fairy Flight Outfit.

Page 10 contains three secrets: the Inflatable Duck, the Life Jacket and the iconic hairstyle of The Befluttered.

Page 11 also contains an additional four secrets: the Blue Water Wings, the Yellow Sun Dress, the Blue Duck and the Striped Rugby Shirt.

Page 12 contains the Pink Striped Rugby Shirt, the Jean Jacket and the Flower Headdress.

You will then find a variety of background images and flag pins, as well as the Penguins at Work section & Item of the Month! Neither of them have any secrets on them, so feel free to purchase whatever you like.