Penguin Style

The Penguin Style is an iconic catalog on Club Penguin Rewritten, which contains all the latest clothing and lots of secrets! This page will walk through the catalog and explain all the cheats/guides.

Location: Gift Shop
Sells: Clothing items & contains secrets
Updated: Every month

There are never any secrets on the colour selection or “Custom T-Shirt” pages, so let’s just skip to the main bit of the catalog. A blue/red circle represents that a secret is hidden there and the image next to it is the item which you can get by clicking there.

Page one contains three secrets: Wool Socks, Blue Fuzzy Hat and the Candy Cane Wing-warmers.

Page two also contains four secrets, which are the Green & Blue Toque, the Blue Duffle Coat and the Red Scarf.

Page three contains a further four secrets: the Red Mittens, the Humbug Spectacles, the Red Snowsuit and the Viking Helmet.

As always, click the location of the Viking Helmet three times for the Blue Viking Helmet!

Page 4 contains the Brown Leather Cuffs, the Pink & Blue Flower Sandals.

Page 5 contains a further three secrets: the Yellow Toque, the Pink Mittens and the Blue Earmuffs.

Page 6 contains an additional two secrets: the Green Vest and the Purple Vest.

Page 7 contains The Lady Frankenpenguin, the Lady Frankpenguin’s Dress, the Mask and the Red Cape.

Page 8 contains a further three secrets: the Crook & Flail, the Ghost Costume and the Skeleton Costume.

Page 9 contains the Extra Cheesy Costume, the Candy Corn Costume and the Big Brow.

Page 10 contains The Abracadabra, Abracadabra Cape, Magician’s Wand but the Viking Helmet is now earlier on.

Page 9 contains a further four secrets: the Blue Backpack, the Red Paisley Bandana, the I Heart Pizza Shirt and the Grape Balloon.

Page 11 is filled with shoes, but also hidden in it are the Pink Flippers, the Pink Letterman Jacket and the Blue Letterman Jacket.

You will then find a variety of background images and flag pins, as well as the Penguins at Work section & Item of the Month! Neither of them have any secrets on them, so feel free to purchase whatever you like.