Welcome to the New Blog

Welcome to the new Club Penguin Mountains!

I am finally pleased to successfully launch the new theme and new pages, a project which has taken over 2 hard weeks to fulfil! Let’s get started in explaining what is new and what is coming in the future.

The new design:


Perhaps the most obvious change is the decision of the new theme known as Harmonic. This decision was not at all taken lightly and I received a lot of feedback asking for a light theme. We went on to create multiple polls to try and help make our decision on if we should do this.

Ultimately, the main reason for this change is that viewing this blog on a mobile phone has never been easier. Of course, desktop is always the most ideal place to visit a blog on but seeing how the new virtual world is mobile only, you can get the latest news and guides in a few taps.

Our mobile theme is more sufficient in the fact that our menu can be accessed easily and the header no longer appears. This has resulted in me deciding to end the mobile app. Unfortunately, under EU law, I still need to keep the banner which makes you agree to the Terms and Conditions of this blog.


I have also added new “buttons” to our sidebar which allow a user to access specific and detailed content which you’re looking for in literally a tap. This makes the viewer experience so much easier from being able to access strictly news to getting a guide. Try it out on the sidebar!

Also, the sidebar has been updated massively. You may notice that the view count is no longer at the top. I’m very transparent about my views since I wouldn’t have them without you, but they’re now located at the bottom of the page.

I’ve also prioritised the Google Translate button as the community is made up of so many languages. I also now support the bloggers who we have partnered with, though we will update this soon!

New Pages:


As your #1 source for Club Penguin Island, it’s essential that we’re up to date with what is being offered. This means that I have finally created tutorials for all character adventures that include steps and a video as well as images for puzzles.

Not only that but we now have a detailed description for every area in the game that includes locations, photos, collectibiles, things to do there and more. We’ve also got a list of activities for you to do, regardless of membership status. Our “About” page has been updated too.

Removal of Pages:

I’ve removed many pages that were not popular at all and didn’t fit in. Things that seem to be missing might be located under the “Extras” or “Fun Stuff” page. Please do let me know of any other ideas you may have for pages! I do have some of my own but I’m currently not working on new pages.

The Future…

Whilst I will be posting the latest news, I feel like I really want to continue discussions. As such, I will do so and I hope that they will be better than ever! One other thing which I want to say is that the domain issues I was talking about a few weeks ago have all been solved.

This update required a lot of work and whilst it may not seem like that, many attempts were failures. There’s 4 headers and I had to redesign each one from scratch 3 or 4 times. However, the new blog is out and I’m so excited for what the future holds!

Final Words

I do want to take note that interestingly, I’ve noticed that a “big blog” has actually copied/stolen the images which I’ve taken without permission. This is actually a pretty big deal to me and I’ve sent in an email to that owner stating the laws which were broken. The article in question is this one and it’s depressing how a blog who strongly disliked me previously will now steal content of mine for views.

Yes, this blog is progressing but I’m going to always stick true to Club Penguin Mountains’ values and vision.  Today is unfortunately a reminder that other blogs don’t and I’m going to have to continue watermarking images for DMCA takedowns. That being said, there are some really amazing supportive bloggers and viewers in this community who I’d like to really thank. You know who you are and I want to say this to you: thank you.

Waddle on!



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