Wednesday Loustik

Hi Guys,

Around a week ago Loustik005 made a blog post that I never realized. I was shocked when I saw I was in it! You might not see me as clearly in the send picture as you would in the first picture. Thanks to Roudrasish1 for the translation! Here is what Loustik005 said:

Hi friends!

Last week, we found ourselves to the event organized by Robot275 : hockey ice rink. Athletes, supporters and journalists were waiting for you! Vendors snacks and cheerleaders too! The arbitration was flawless! In short, the atmosphere was phenomenal! What game! Look at this moment of intense engagement:


After the match, athletes and spectators went to the pizzeria to remake the game … and to feast!


An exquisite moment. White won but the fact ahem … Anyone remember the score? : /)

THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the event! You put the package in addition to the puck in the net! Congratulations to the referees Darkvador15 and Gobogo for their impeccable arbitration! Thank you for cheerleaders Rose4515 , Glaçon20000 , Mente Red , Coloring and Xilane for their encouragement! Special mention vendors of snacks and pizza chefs Stadium Sodoudou , Jeremi8 , Nassim X and Archi57764 the Pizzeria! Athletes are distributed on a full stomach!

The question: What is different and original ctivity could do together this Wednesday, Dec. 18 *?

* Wednesday, I will announce on the blog activity chosen and I will give the time and the server where it will take place! 10,000 pieces will be added to the account of penguin whose idea is selected!

Until then, keep an eye on the blog and the palms on the island! :

Loustik005 😉

As you can see Loustik005 cheated by saying his team won. Remember that today (18th December 2013) is Wednesday Loustik!

Torres Out!

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