Holiday Party 2013

Hi Guys,

Today is the start of a major event! You guessed it, the Holiday Party 2013! There are plenty updates for this party. There are also some new bugs I noticed while waddling around the island. First of all when you donate it does not ask what cause you want to donate your coins to. This is all that happens.


I am not sure if the CP Team wanted this to happen or they forgot about it. There is also a new catalog with cool items in it!


These items were show in Episode 3 of the Spoiler Alert. Unfortunately, I am not able to buy these items. I am not sure if this is happening with everyone, but I think it is a bug.

This bug forces you to log off.

Rockhopper also has a brand new background to celebrate the Holiday Party. If you have not met Rockhopper yet and you would like his background use our tracker to find him.


Unfortunately, thanks to a bug you cannot get his background. If you try to get it you will have to log off.


I hope the team fix these bugs soon.

We can also ride the rails! If you look on the map you will see some railway lines.


If you would like to ride a train go to the Snow Forts and into the CFC Train Station. You will have to click the Coins For Change logo at the top of your screen.


Then click “Purchase a train”. There are many trains to choose from. I like the gold puffle one the most.


Or you could join someone else’s train. To do this simply:

  • Open their player card
  • Click the train logo
  • This is how the game should look.

    Make sure not to click your map because that will end your game. This is similar to the Teen Beach Movie party in August since you can also hop off on the railway line.

    Rockhopper is back and most of you have known what items he is bringing as it was shown in the Spoiler Alert.


    There are many decorated rooms so make sure you start waddling around! Santa’s Sleigh is at the school this year.

    If you donate any amount for the first time this year, you will get a free pin! The Ornament pin is still at the Dance Club so make sure to grab that before it is gone.

    There are also stamps for CFC. I got one today!


    There are also brand new emotes for this party!


    Last but not least is the new newspaper. As seen in the Spoiler Alert there is a new comics page!





    If I have missed anything please let me know in the comments below!

    Waddle On!

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