Tea Cake & Sprouts??!!

Hi Guys,

Yesterday a new issue for the Club Penguin magazine in the United Kingdom came out. Daffodaily5 also announced the winners of the Funny Puffle Game that she started a month ago! Here is what she said:


It’s been great fun meeting you guys online over the past few weeks and playing the ‘PUFFLE!’ game with you! As many of you discovered, the special word was ‘SPROUTS’! I have to admit, it was very strange having so many people shout that at me! As promised, here’s a pic of me playing with some brill penguins at the Plaza over Christmas. Nice going, Omega4000 (and thanks for the seasonal well wishes, Jkgg2)! Thanks to everyone else who played the game with me! It was fun! 🙂

In other news, I thought I’d share this piece of a comic from the latest issue of the UK Magazine, which came out today. I was just flicking through the pages, read the first two panels of the comic and thought to myself, “I couldn’t agree more, AA!” 😀


Great comic! Do you like this comic and this game? Leave a comment below!

~Torres Out!

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